Video: Chris Jones After the Win Over Virginia Tech

Louisville’s Chris Jones spoke after the game about bouncing back and getting the win over Virginia Tech, and on his role of a point guard and getting shots for his teammates. Below is a transcript of what he said. Well, it’s the best I could do. Not an easy thing to transcribe what Jones says.

On coming back from the UNC loss

“You’ve got to have a short memory in the ACC. You really don’t have any time off to baby yourself or drop your head on a loss like that because the next night you are playing, it feels like. We have the mindset that we are playing Duke on Saturday so we know who we’ve got ahead of us so we know what to get better at.”

On being more of a passer than scorer against VT

“I try to keep my teammates happy. Since the incident, I’ve just been playing off the charts. Anything to help my team, I’ll do it. If it’s scoring, I’ll score. If my team needs me to keep them happy and spread the ball around, that’s what I’m going to do.”

On Duke

“I know they are going to come in with revenge on their minds. They lost a tough one this past week. They scout perfect and do what they want to do. They have a great big man in Okafor so we are going to try and take him out of the game, but the other guys around him are so good that you just can’t play against one man. We’ll be prepared for a great showdown Saturday.”

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