Matt Colburn: Hate It, But It Happened


One of the guys I most looking forward to coming to UL this year to play Football was Matt Colburn. Mr. Football in South Carolina, great athlete and better kid. So what happened? We pulled his scholarship 2 days before signing day. That sucks. But guess what, it happens. Kids flip on schools on signing day and schools change their minds on signing day when more people commit than they thought. USC accepted Lozo’s commit then cut him after they realized they had too many guys….or something like that. Remember Daniel Gresham, Ace Wales, Marquez Valdez? All committed and none of their commitments were honored here and that’s just a few examples.

Let me be clear, I hate that this happened but it happened. Nothing I can do about it. We are a big time program and these things happen. Broken record, I get it. We will get a kid tomorrow that will flip unexpectedly and it will be no different. We will say, The kids doing what’s best for him. Why does that not hold true the other way around? It should. According to sources it’s likely Sheldrick Redwine flips tomorrow….we gonna be mad or get over it? I will get over it because I have been through the process and understand that its a business. I am not asking you to ignore your feelings, just sharing mine.

We did take his scholly 2 days before signing day at a point in time he could not schedule visits and had already shut his commitment down. We however did offer him a greyshirt which just means he would come in later and he was more than likely gonna redshirt anyways which is why I am ok with it. He has a spot here, come get it. But I do agree it could have been handled better. I am owning up to that. If you want there to be a safety net there should be rules set in place that prevent the kids and the schools from being able to pull this. But I believe either party should be able to change their minds. Like I said I hate it but it happened.

Go Cards!


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  1. What horrible reasoning to justify it. It doesn’t matter what leverage you think a kid has in committing, this kid did things the right way and was punished for it. Good luck getting recruits from South Carolina again. And good luck cheering for Bobby Petrino.

  2. Didn’t justify it, even said I didn’t like it. But it happens. A guy ended up here at Louisville four years ago because south Carolina did it to him. A guy about to be drafted in the NFL, Lorenzo Mauldin. So you can’t throw stones. Ask we asked him to do its grey shirt. He more than likely gets a scholarship in the spring. It wasn’t about playing time because he was being redshirted this year. It wasn’t a bad thing totally. And I will enjoy watching my team play as I hope you enjoy yours, thanks.

  3. Lame excuse from a coach with no integrity! Less than 48 hours before signing day when the kids has been committed for 8 months. The NCAA rules should be designed to protect the player, not the school.

  4. So then you have no issues with the kid that flipped to another school yesterday morning at the last second? Both sides should be able to change their minds off needs change, personnel changes or if kids get better and leave early. Very double standard-ish to be honest.

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