Chris Jones Plans to Visit John Lucas; Work on Anger Management

Photo: Tim Haag/
Photo: Tim Haag/

The following is an excerpt from Jeff Greer’s article in the Courier-Journal. After doing some extensive research, Greer has learned that Chris Jones plans to visit John Lucas to work on anger management. Lucas is a former NBA player and coach who runs a program in Houston to help athletes overcome different issues such as drugs, alcohol, and anger management. Chane Behanan also worked with Lucas for quite some time after he left Louisville last season.

This is from Greer’s article. The full post is worth the read.

Former University of Louisville guard Chris Jones plans to visit ex-NBA player and coach John Lucas in the coming weeks to work on anger management and other issues stemming from an ongoing battle with ADHD, a source close to Jones told The Courier-Journal late Sunday evening.

The source would not go into detail as to why Jones was dismissed from the program on Sunday but did say that Jones acknowledged that he “messed up” and thanked Louisville fans for their support over the past two seasons, which have been tumultuous for Jones.

The 5-foot-10 Memphis native was suspended for Wednesday’s game at Syracuse and had several other disciplinary run-ins with U of L’s coaching staff over his two years in the program, primarily because of his struggles with a turbulent temper.

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