Athlete Prep Academy Camps: Coming In May


Athlete Prep Academy is putting on several clinics in the month of May. Founded by former Card Dexter Heyman in 2014, Athlete prep Academy will be a place young kids can learn the concepts, techniques and fundamentals that great Football players learn. Here is the press release:

Press Release

Coaches Panel

The players participating as coaches are:

Linebackers Coach (and founder) Dexter Heyman

RB Coach: Ralph Dawkins

TE Coach: Ibn Green

WR Coach: Mario Urrutia & Larod King

DL Coach: Earl Heyman

OLine Coach: Isaac Sowells

QB Coaches: Lance Hoeltke & Nathan Scheelhaase

DB Coach: Justin Green

Quite the impressive list for this area, no doubt. Make sure if you have kids that are interested, contact Dexter at Great initiative by this company to try to help elevate the talent of Kentucky to a whole new level. Plus it’s got Cardinal involvement all the way down the list. Sign up today!

Application Link: Application

Camp Flyer: Camp Flyer(hd)

More info on Normalyte: NormaLyte Summary


Camp Gear:

Camp AttireHighest Football IQ Award (Front) Highest Footballl IQ Award (Back) MVP Award Outstanding Athlete Award (b) Outstanding Athlete Award (W)



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