Day 1 NFL Draft Question: Where Will DeVante Go?

Photo: Tim Haag/
Photo: Tim Haag/

The 2015 NFL Draft begins Thursday night at 8:00 p.m. ET on ESPN. It has turned into a three-day extravaganza recently and Thursday will only bring you the first round of the draft. The Louisville Cardinals could see a record number of players drafted this year, but all of that will take place over the course of three days. Tonight’s only real interest for Louisville fans will be finding out where wide receiver DeVante Parker gets drafted.

The obvious choice is the Minnesota Vikings so he would be reunited with Teddy Bridgewater, thus making the Vikings a default NFL team for Louisville fans to cheer for. Not only is this the obvious choice, but it is very possible. Parker will likely be the third wide receiver taken, and this would put him back around this spot. The Vikings have the 11th pick. If the Vikings have the chance to take Parker and they pass on him, it is because they must have an obvious need and someone is available that will fill that need. I don’t know though. It seems to me that any team could use a wide receiver like Parker, and if you pass on him, you are just costing yourself big time plays and points in what is an offensive-driven league.

Another team that people seem to think Parker could land at is Cleveland. For the sake of DeVante, PLEASE DON’T DO IT CLEVELAND! The Browns have the 12th pick, right after the Vikings. So yes, there could be a situation where we watch the Vikings pass on DeVante, and then Cleveland takes him. What a turn of events that could be! Something to keep an eye on here is that Cleveland has offered both of their first round picks, 12 and 19, to the Tennessee Titans so they can take QB Marcus Mariota. If they do that, they can’t take DeVante. Also, if you are Tennessee, I think you HAVE to take that. Mariota is good, but not a sure fire franchise QB. He may be, but you just don’t know yet. Take the two first round picks.

I have seen the Miami Dolphins as another possible spot for Parker. They have the 14th pick. They finished 8-8 last season, so they are at least decent. Ryan Tannehill is their quarterback and he is a good young player. This would have DeVante living in Miami, so I can’t say I would feel too bad for him if he does end up with the Dolphins.

The only other two spots that I have seen on mock drafts for Parker, and I haven’t looked at every mock draft because they don’t matter too much, are Houston at 16 and San Diego at 17. I just don’t see him dropping this far so I won’t go too much into it. Houston is another one of those teams that are always just around 8-8 and decent, but not great. However, that would mean that he would play one game in Indianapolis every season.

It is beneficial to DeVante Parker that he is not considered to be the top wide receiver in this draft. If so, he could find himself being drafted by the Oakland Raiders, and nobody wishes that on their favorite players. When teams pass on him, remember that is isn’t always a bad thing. We hated that Teddy got passed over by every team but one last season. But he ended up in a much better situation than if he were in Jacksonville or Cleveland.

Wherever he gets picked, it will be awesome to see one of the best players in UofL history live out his dream. It makes it even more special that he grew up right here in Louisville. He will represent us all very well.

At some point tonight, DeVante will be a member of some other team. He will truly then be a FORMER Louisville Cardinals player. So once again, thank you for everything you did here DeVante!

Go Cards…Go Krogering!

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