News from the Red Rage: Samford game Tailgate of the Week

The Weiter family & friends
The Weiter family & friends

A tradition unlike any other: the CSZ/RRTG Tailgate of the Week. It is becoming an award that people are hoping to win, and it has only been given out three times! On Saturday afternoon, I walked around the Old Cardinal Stadium parking lot with James and Josh of the Red Rage. We even visited the frats, but then quickly realized the trophy would probably be broken before it ever made it back to their frat house.

After looking at nearly every tailgate in the parking lot, it was an easy decision that this week’s winner would be the Weiter family. Their RV is absolutely decked out and I even learned that this particular vehicle was the original inspiration for the Red Rage. They have ticket stubs, an old seat from PJCS, framed pictures, part of the goalpost from the FSU game, and so much more. It was a treat for me to see it.

Think you have what it takes to win the CSZ/RRTG Tailgate of the Week? Let us know and we will look for you. Tweet me @justinrenck or let the Red Rage guys know @TheRed_Rage. I am telling you, this thing is becoming as prestigious as the Lombardi Trophy.

Tailgate 8 Tailgate 7 Tailgate 6
Tailgate 4 Tailgate 3 Tailgate 2

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