Men’s Basketball Season Ticket Holders Get First Dibs For Women’s NCAA Tourney Tickets (Poll Included)


Sources informed CSZ around 5pm that there is a new uprising at the University of Louisville. The athletic department has decided to give the Men’s season ticket holders first dibs on the Women’s NCAA tournament action at the KFC YUM! Center. The words “livid” “absurd” & “screwed over” were used to describe the feeling of the women’s season ticket holders & team. We will talk about this more in-depth tomorrow morning on the CardinalSportsZone show on ESPN 93.9 FM THE VILLE at 10am.

7 Replies to “Men’s Basketball Season Ticket Holders Get First Dibs For Women’s NCAA Tourney Tickets (Poll Included)”

  1. Not surprising if true. Folks who bought mens season tix when Yum Center opened were given first dibs on womens seats over the loyal season tix holders for womens basketball! And that is why the same seats for womens basketball games are empty game after game after game!!!!!!

  2. That is so, so, very wrong!!!!! For those who have supported the women’s team they should be first..,,. Who thought of this brilliant idea???

  3. Big money talks. Just another black eye for U of L, they can’t seem to make the right decision about anything these days!

  4. I have both but it’s unbelievable that the men’s season ticket holders would get preferred treatment of buying over the women’s season ticket holders.

  5. Women’s season ticket holders should have first chance at NCAA tickets for the Women’s tournament, then they can give Men’s season ticket holders next dibs. This is just another way to punish people because of the stupid decisions of administrators. President of UL needs to Resign.

  6. Very upset about this decision. I’m not boycotting. But have heard that several WBB season ticket holders will not be attending 1st round games. Because of this bonehead decision made by Jurich.

  7. Women’s season ticket holders should be given first dibs! 😳What is so hard about following this logic! Men’s season ticket holders who are interested SHOULD have their Women’s tickets and naturally fall in the above mentioned group!

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