Pitino Says Its Pretty Much All Over

AP Photo/Mark Wallheiser
AP Photo/Mark Wallheiser

Been busy today repairing my computer but I wanted to update you guys.

(From Foxsports.com)

Pitino appeared on ESPN 680 in Louisville Tuesday, and said that the investigation is nearly complete.


“It’s almost pretty much over,” Pitino told ESPN 680 host Bob Valvano. “I think everything’s behind us right

Pitino would not say whether he has met with the NCAA regarding the investigation but said the university has done as much as it possibly can to punish the basketball program and remedy the problem.


“There are certain things, I used to say if somebody asked me a question I’d just answer it, and the NCAA just doesn’t want you to,” Pitino said. “They can hit you with extra violations if you even talk about certain things, so I’ve learned a lot about the NCAA that I didn’t know about for 30 years, through this process. You just let them do their job, and certainly the university has done everything that they can to justify the mistakes that were made, and then you move forward. And certainly we will. We’ll have a great team coming back next year. ”

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