Kyle Kuric Tattoo Dunks On Your Tattoo

AP Photo/Ed Reinke
AP Photo/Ed Reinke

Some people are into tattoos and some people aren’t. No matter which side you are on allow me to introduce you to Jesse Korfhage. Jesse is a Sergeant in the U.S. Army (Of course he is). Thank you for your service. When Jesse gets a tattoo he goes hard in the paint…..literally.

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This is one of the most awesome things I’ve ever seen. There have been many suggestions for the other arm from the commentators ignorant words to the cheerleaders with the oh crap faces. I am certain we don’t have a day in the other arm but one thing is for sure. Jesse is a Cardinal through and through. I asked him last night to give me some insight on the reason and meaning behind his tattoo. That’s when he showed me what was on his other arm. You are going to want to see this. Here is Jesse.

So first I have to give credit to my tattoo artist Rick Harlan. He owns Tattoo Machine Gun (Go check him out-Jeremy) and is a great friend and artist. I’ve actually dedicated my entire left arm to the Louisville Cardinals with an exception of a White Sox and Patriots tattoo.
It’s a full sleeve. I wanted to get certain moments that really stood out to me as a fan so I got 3 tattoos in particular. The first is a Rick Pitino portrait. It’s a picture of him right after they won the national championship. The most genuine smile I’ve ever seen.
The second is a picture of teddy Bridgewater celebrating the touchdown after he made the shovel pass to Jeremy Wright to score against Cincinnati in the comeback win when teddy had a sprained ankle and fractured wrist. And the 3rd is Kyle’s. I wanted to get a dunk since that is what the Cardinals are known for. I narrowed it down to Chanes knee to the face dunk, Trezs ally oops dunk from the championship and Kyle’s on Scott Martin. I was in the process of making that decision when the news broke that he had to have brain surgery to remove a tumor. Right then I decided on Kyle’s. He was always a crowd favorite especially after the Freedom Hall finale and my personal favorite cardinal just because of how humble he’s always been.
I also have the mascot on my arm doing the Hancock 3 to the dome, the championship ring and all the players numbers from the 2013 championship team. Also I got Kyle’s autograph at thunder over Louisville in 2011 so I had my artist copy that right beside him dunking.
I want to thank Jesse for his time. He was excited after I told him I was going to share this and I am happy and thankful he served our country.
Go Cards!

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