Card Fam: A Member of Our Flock Needs Our Help

In the profession of blogging we get told to stick to sports a lot. That just what trolls do. Today I refuse to do that. This is about something bigger. This is about one of our own CardNation needing us. It’s actually not about UofL or uk, it’s about human beings.

She was one of the most interesting people on Twitter & very funny. She was one of my & CSZ’s first supporters. She is half of Twitter agent and a tyre friend & her family needs our help. @TammaLand has a family member in need & whether it’s monetary or just prayers, she needs us. If you feel so inclined, help out the Anderson family. Tam, we love you & your brother and entire family are in our thoughts & prayers. Here are the details provided by another member of CardNation:

You guys are already stepping up! God bless!

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