Edgar Sosa’s Thoughts On Gordon Heyward


We only started the site in late 2011 so this picture is the only one I have in the database of my buddy Sos. I probably could have looked harder but Whatevs. As I thought everybody knew (I’m looking at you Doc), in 2011 while playing for the Dominican team Sos injured his leg in a way at that time was so sickening that we thought nothing would ever top it. It was topped in person 10 feet from me a few years later. That is a different story though. (Hi Kev!) I digress.

Edgar was always one of the toughest, nicest people I had ever met. I knew he would get through his rehab fast and better than ever. He thought his career was over but he battled back. He overcame a lot of obstacles including having Cal as a coach but he did and is still playing. In this story, Scott Cacciola tells us about the night Gordon Heyward (My heart broke) went down and lets us know the common denominator between Sos & Gordon. It is one that even I forgot. As a huge Celtics fan I hope for a speedy recovery for Heyward as well. Enjoy the story!



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