The Barbour Shop: As Q Goes, So Goes The UofL Basketball Team

Quentin SniderWhen we look at UofL basketball, the key player for the team could seemingly be anyone. It could be the big men, it could be Deng Adel or VJ King, but I believe it’s Quentin Snider.

After watching UofL’s first 10 games, I think that it’s pretty obvious this is true. When Q plays well, the team feeds off of it. The offense runs much more smoothly. It seems, at least to me, the entire team steps up a notch in focus and execution.

Notice that early in the season, UofL struggled to put away inferior teams both in the exhibition games and in 3 of the first 4 regular season games. Q was not playing well at all. He was making uncharacteristic turnovers, and as you might expect, the team as a whole had those issues.

Q’s shooting was pretty bad early in the season. He missed wide open jumpers and couldn’t seem to finish around the rim. Not coincidentally, the rest of the team struggled on the whole.

With Q struggling, the team struggled. Certain players stepped up to help UofL to victory, but the team could not seem to play as a well oiled machine.

During the first five games of the year, Q shot 13-44 overall. That’s an abysmal 30% from the field. He shot 6-25 from 3 which is an even worse 24%. He also had 9 turnovers in those games as well. That’s 1.8 turnovers per game. Not what you want from your PG.

Quentin Snider

However, in the last 5 games, Q has found his shooting stroke and he’s cut down on his turnovers. He shot 26-49 for a 53% field goal percentage. From 3 point range, he shot 10-23 for 43.5%. He only had 7 turnovers in these 5 games averaging out to 1.4 turnovers a game. His assists have been good throughout the season. He has averaged 3.8 assists a game. These are great numbers from a PG.

It’s no surprise that with Quentin playing well, UofL is now starting to show a little of the domination it is capable of. You can argue who the best player is, but there is no question who the heart and soul of the team is. Snider is that guy.

No he’s not the fiery type yelling at his teammates when they make a mistake and flexing and showing off after a big shot. He’s an even-keeled leader. He’s a quiet killer. His play, not his voice, is what the team rallies around.

He’s shooting better and, lo and behold, so is the rest of the team. The offense looks more under control when he’s orchestrating it like a maestro orchestrates an opera.

Look no further than today’s game against Memphis. Q played brilliantly. He had 19 points, 5 assists, 3 rebounds, 1 steal, and 4 turnovers. It’s a great stat line from him. The rest of the team followed suit offensively. This may have been the best offensive performance this year and Q was at the heart of it.

This is Quentin’s team. He’s a captain, the captain, of this ship. The course the ship is set on is greatly determined by him. I have no problem with this and believe his are the best hands to put the team in. He loves the team, the university, and the city. He’s been a model man to represent all three.

Quentin Snider / Dwayne Sutton

I have no problem as a fan riding and dying with Q. Neither should you. The grace with which he has handled all the scandal and criticism of some fans should be admired. No matter what happens after his career here, he will forever be one of my favorite Cards.


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