Nunnsense | Year In Review – Plus Top 10 Photos Of 2017


Well, we made it through another calendar year – and what a year it’s been.

Lets’s look back at some of the Nunnsense posts over the year and I’ll point out where I was right, and where I was wrong. We can also look at some of the most viewed posts as well as my top 10 favorite pictures of the year.
We started off the year with interviewing 3 of the 2017 men’s basketball class…

I had some observations from football open practice where Dae Williams stood out me. 

There was a Spring Game attendance controversy that many of you voiced you opinions on.

During the Super Regionals, There were fans wearing blue coming out of the woodwork.

James Quick was much maligned but he was one of my favorites.

I also asked Rick Pitino what happened to “Louisville First.” I got no response.


The top 3 most viewed Nunnsense posts for 2017 are…

3. Nunnsense: Putting An End To The Grantham Era – I made no secret that I was happy to see our defensive coordinator leaving town.

2. Nunnsense: Pitino’s Possible Punishment – Everyone wanted to know.

1.  Nunnsense | Lamar Coming Back To School Is Not Too Far-Fetched – I still believe there is a chance but it’s only about 40%.


Where I was right. In a post on February 16th I wrote…

    Desmond Fitzpatrick  (WR)
    – Jamari Staples and James Quick are gone but there is plenty of depth at receiver. Jaylen Smith and Seth Dawkins are the top returning pass catchers but don’t forget about Reggie Bonnafon, Traveon Samuel, Devante Peete and Ja’Quay Savage. Despite the depth, Dez should see plenty of time on the field. The 6’2″ red-shirt freshman is a very precise and technical receiver that could easily establish himself as one of Lamar’s favorite targets. His excellent route running ability should help find him open more often than not. In my opinion, he could end up being one of the best pass catchers to ever wear a Cardinal uniform, statistically speaking.

Where I was wrong...

So if my beliefs are correct, then it’s reasonable to predict that Louisville will go over the projected 9.5 win total set by Las Vegas. While I also believe there is a small chance that Louisville can run the table, I won’t predict that because I don’t want to be the hot take guy. I honestly believe that this team has a very good shot to be 11-1 but I fear that one game that nobody can explain what happened, so I’ll predict a 10-2 season although below I will predict 11 wins because I don’t know where the second loss will come from and I don’t want there to be a second loss.


Top 10 Photos from CSZ for 2017

TJ Barr and I were lucky enough to attend and photograph many different Louisville sporting events. It’s really impossible to narrow all of our photos to a top 10 but these are some of my favorites. You can check out all of our photos by clicking on the photo gallery tab at the top of the home page at CSZ.



9. DSC_1613

8. Lamar

7.Melanie McHenry & Maggie DeJong end a rally with a block

6. Dez Fitzpatrick

5. Ray Spalding- SF

4.Kemari Averett

3. Dez Fitzpatrick

2.  Jaylen Smith

1. Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium

This will be my last Nunnsense for the year. I’m going to celebrate the holidays with my family and enjoy life. I want to thank everyone for the millions and millions of views of our photo galleries and a very special thank you for all the faithful Nunnsense readers (Mom & Dad). I look forward to what next year will bring and I promise to work hard to bring you interesting and entertaining features in 2018. I’m already working on some pretty good stuff for you. I wish all of you a safe and happy  holidays.

As Always, GO CARDS!



About Jeff Nunn

Born and raised in Louisville. THS, U of L and Sig Ep for life. I appreciate everyday that I wake up. My 2 boys are my greatest accomplishment in life.

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