2013 Championship Members Announce Lawsuit Against The NCAA

Luke Hancock
Photo: Sam Upshaw Jr.; The Courier-Journal

Today, we received more details on what the lawsuit against the NCAA will look like.

We now know thatGorgui Dieng, Tim Henderson, Mike Marra and Stephan Van Treese and Luke Hancock will be the players suing the NCAA in the case headed by Morgan and Morgan. Rick Pitino will not be part of the lawsuit, even though Mr. Morgan and Luke both agree that he got a “raw deal”.

When asked why other players from the 2013 team were not involved in the suit, the attorney said that “this is the first group of players to come forward” so it is not clear if another group will follow in the footsteps of the initial players.

The one thing that was very clear is that Mr. Morgan is not a fan of the NCAA. It seems that the players have picked a great attorney to represent them in this case and Morgan and Morgan have the resources and belief in the case to get a win.

Stay with CSZ as this story continues to develop over the coming months.

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