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The University of Louisville football team has 5 or 6 guys who could get carries at running back this season. It only seemed natural that one of those guys would transfer to seek more time on the field.

Walk-on running back Harry Trotter announced on Friday, August 17th, that he would transfer.

On August 20th, he announced that he would transfer to Kansas State.

Also on August 20th, I asked Harry for an exit interview. He Kindly accepted and here is our conversation…

CSZ - Again, thank for all your hard work during your time here at Louisville. It is appreciated by more people than you would think. I’m just going to ask you a few questions about your time here and your future.

With 5 or 6 guys probably getting carries in the Louisville backfield, I assume the main reason for the transfer was playing time. Correct?

HT - Yeah I just felt like I could be having a bigger impact elsewhere, and I wanted to spend my last 2 years of eligibility somewhere where I could help a team with a larger role.

CSZ - Who in your family was most influential in your decision to transfer?

HT -  I would say my parents. They have always supported me and have always been behind the decisions I have made. I’m very thankful for everything they have helped me with.

CSZ - Did you choose K-State because of proximity to your home?

HT - I chose K-State because of the opportunity to compete for a starting spot after this season. It’s a great program with a great Coach and It is also closer to home so my family can come to more games. I grew up mostly watching the Big 12 so it will be awesome to play in it now.

CSZ - Is K-State stadium similar to Cardinal Stadium? It looks huge.

HT - Bill Snyder Stadium is kind of similar to Cardinal Stadium. They are both big and they both are great atmospheres to play in.

CSZ - Where was your favorite place to eat in Louisville and what did you like to order there?

HT - I’d have to say Mt. Fugi. I always ordered the hibachi steak and chicken – and it’s hard to beat.

CSZ - At K-State, it appears as though a junior and 2 seniors will be the primary ball carriers this season. Looks like next season you could have a shot at the starting spot. How much did that factor into your decision to pick K-State?

HT -  Yeah that was a big factor in my decision. Also they wanted to get me there this fall and get into things now so that was another big reason I chose K State.

CSZ - I know you were a walk-on at Louisville. Will you be on scholarship or have an opportunity to earn one at K-State?

HT - Yes, I will have an opportunity to earn one at Kansas State.

CSZ - At Fort Scott Community College, you rushed for 503 yards and eight touchdowns. Do you think you can top that in your junior year? I know you will your senior year.

HT -  I hope to top that both junior and senior years and I’m confident I will. As long as I’m helping the team win, then that’s all that matters.

CSZ - Who on this Louisville team is most likely to be seen at Taco Bell after midnight?

HT- Ronald Rudd without a doubt. That’s my dawg!

CSZ - I know you are on the sideline when they play the Van Halen third down music, but do you and your teammates like that music for third down?

HT - Yeah, I definitely heard that a lot this last season and I liked it. I think It gets the fans and defense into It.

CSZ – I’m not so sure it helped last season.

1 more question, if you don’t mind. This is a standard debate question between all of us at CSZ. Is a hot dog a sandwich?

HT - Haha –  I do not believe a hot dog is a sandwich.

CSZ – As you leave, what would you like to say to all of the Card fans? The floor is yours….

HT - I just want to say thank you to Card Nation. You guys are an incredible fan base and you guys welcomed me in with open arms this past year. I will forever be grateful for the love you all showed!


CSZ – Again, thanks so much for your time today and we will be following your career. Best of luck in football and beyond. God Bless…

As Always, GO CARDS!

Photo from Harry Trotter Twitter page


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