Q&A With Former Louisville Coach Vance Bedford

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This is probably the moment after he told people to get on the train. Vance Bedford was the Cards DC from 2010-2013. He was an integral part in changing the environment around here after we had been Krag’d. Vance was kind enough to talk to CSZ when Clint Hurtt was unable to because of his duties with the Seahawks. He got a little busy. We appreciate Coach Bedford stepping in. Our own Jeremy Wahman sat down and spoke to Coach Bedford.


JW: Coach! It’s been too long. I’m happy to hear from you.

VB: I’m doing well


JW: Good to hear. Let’s get into things. We had a rough season here at Louisville this year. A lot of people seemed to get off of the train you warned people about. What do you say to these fans on getting their faith back and backing the program?

VB: You need to support your team through the good and the bad times. It is like a marriage in that way.

JW: For better or worse? Agreed. The assumption is that we will hire App State Coach Scott Satterfield. What are your thoughts on that hire? Do you know him? Is he a good fit?
VB: I do not know him. He has had great success there. He needs to hire somebody who can recruit the South, especially Florida & Georgia.


JW: Agreed. We need to bring in people who can knock it out of the park on the recruiting trail. Speaking of that. The 2-10 season took a huge toll on the players, coaches and fanbase. To get this train back on the track I feel like you need coaches to come in that the fans and players are familiar with and get behind in my opinion. One of the names popping up is your former colleague Clint Hurtt. What would be a benefit of bringing him back?

VB: Clint would make a great addition to the Louisville staff. He is a leader, mentor, father and husband. He is also a great recruiter. He would help bring discipline and energy back to the program.


JW: There are a lot of people who love the idea of bringing Coach Hurtt back. However there is a small % who say: He got in trouble! He isn’t worth the perception hit. What do you say to these people?

VB: I say he is worth the very small amount of people complaining. No one at any school will have 100% support.


JW: I am one of the people that agree with that sentiment. The detractors will tell you that they have had too much negative around the program. I say he has paid his time, didn’t get into the trouble here and was great at his job. I would give him another shot.


JW: Last question: We have seen a TON of support for and social media buzz from the former players of yours and Coach Hurtt throwing out his name for the position. For a guy who has been out of Louisville for so long, how does that have to feel for a guy like that?

VB: It shows you the influence that he had on those young men. He truly cared about them outside of Football. Many coaches talk about doing the right thing but don’t follow through.


JW: I will say this. He was always really good to me while he was here and that reflects on what you said. You were always good to me too and I appreciate you guys. You 2 were great examples of the kind of people we needed & need to help mold these you men. Thank you again so much for stepping in!

VB: Thank you as well.


(After the interview I asked coach Bedford if he would be interested in returning if called…he said yes)

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