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A couple of days ago, a depth chart appeared on social media. I first saw it posted on Twitter. It seemed to surface pretty early so I wasn’t sure if it was officially released by UofL. From this point forward we are going to discuss it like it’s the official chart. Even if it is the official chart, it was released so early that it will change multiple times before the opening game because some guys that weren’t listed are changing positions, others will improve and move up and a couple are coming off injuries. ** UPDATE*** – I have been notified that the depth chart was released by UofL.

Knowing that it was released so early and that it will change, there isn’t really any reason to debate over where players are listed. But we are fans and that is what we do so let’s dive into the chart and talk about what we see and what we don’t see.

  • The very first thing I noticed was the omission of one Yasir Abdullah. The reason I immediately noticed this is because I have been talking him up all summer. He came on strong at the end of last season when it appeared most of the team had stop putting out maximum effort. He also really impressed me at the Spring Game… er, I mean, Spring Showcase. He impressed me so much that I made the prediction that he would finish the season in the top 3 for tackles. I stated that Etheridge and Avery are most likely to finish 1 and 2 but Abdullah would be a close third. I really believe in this kid. So not seeing his name on that depth chart led me to believe that either the chart was not official or he was hurt. My sources tell me he is not hurt. Therefore, through his continued hard work, I expect to see his name on the next 2 deep chart that will be released. I’m thinking we won’t see one until the week prior to the Notre Dame game – but that’s just my guess. Regardless, he will see plenty of time on the field this season.


  • The second name I noticed that was not anywhere to be found was Dae Williams. I’m a fan of this kid as well. I was looking to see if he was listed 2nd behind Hassan Hall or ahead of him. Either way, I feel both will share the load. Dae being the Thunder and Hall being the Lightning. Javian Hawkins should get some carries as well and after a great spring, I’m curious how Maurice Buckley fits into the picture. Dae was hampered by injury for the better part of last season but has claimed to be completely healthy as of this spring. It was rumored that Dae was close to entering the transfer portal but once Colin Wilson decided to leave, the backfield became less cluttered and it only seemed logical that Dae would be a big part of the running game. Coach Satterfield likes to run the ball so depth at running back is paramount. I feel great about the Louisville group of running backs.

Louisville vs WKU (47 of 60)

  • Nick Okeke was a guy who appeared to be a Petrino favorite as he saw plenty of playing time last season. He played in 12 games last season as a redshirt freshman, starting in 6 of them. Interesting enough, he was listed as the 3rd OLB behind Boosie Whitlow and Gary McCrae. Well, actually it says Whitlow is 1 and McCrae OR Okeke as 2nd. We all remember the Petrino depth chart that had OR listed about 147 times – Thanks for that, Bobby.


  • But the best news of all, in my opinion, is seeing Robbie Bell on the chart. He was listed as the #1 right guard. He has been a favorite of mine for the last few years. As you might remember he stepped into his first collegiate game in Indy versus a Jeff Brohm led Purdue team. If the atmosphere wasn’t enough, he had the duty and pressure of hiking the ball to the reigning Heisman trophy winner who, almost exclusively operated out of the shotgun. He couldn’t hear the signals and was credited with 10 false starts. Afterwards, he was blasted on social media but the kid never responded or got discouraged. He just went back to work and got better. He had a great season – including not getting even 1 holding penalty. He was injured quite a bit and only saw action in 1 game last season. I’m hoping nothing but the best for Robbie and I expect solid play out of him even if they slide him over to center every once in a while. If you are not a fan of Robbie Bell then we can’t be friends.


  • Guys like Ty Tyler, Thomas Jackson and Isaiah Hayes are grad transfer that haven’t been with the program long enough to be placed on the chart anywhere – so no worries there. I can tell you that Tyler will see plenty of playing time and could be a starter because of the lack of depth on the defensive line. He is a much needed piece. While I don’t expect a repeat of his 9 sacks (not 8) from last season at Marshall, I do expect him to be very effective in both the pass rush and run game.


Here is the depth chart that was floating around on line,

2019 Louisville Football Depth Chart
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As Always, GO CARDS!




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