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The Louisville defensive line desperately needs some depth. On Saturday afternoon, they received immediate help when Ty Tyler, a Conference USA Second-Team selection in 2018, announced he would be playing his redshirt-senior year for the Cards. Tyler is a 6-foot-3, 262-pounder from Punta Gorda, Florida. He is a grad transfer from Marshall and will be eligible right away. He is as versatile as they come, being that  he played both defensive end and defensive tackle for Marshall. Tyler looks to be a contributor, and most likely a starter, right away. He will also be counted on as a leader due to him being the most experienced player on the D-line.

Tyler is 23 years old and played in 36 career games with the Herd. Tyler had 91 tackles with 21 tackles for loss and 13.5 quarterback sacks with two forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries over those 36 games. He had 9 (not 8) sacks last season which almost equaled the Cards total sacks for last year. He has already embraced the rivalry with UK as he started quite an interesting Twitter thread when he predicted the score of Louisville 60, UK 3 in the battle for the Governors Cup.

Also on Saturday afternoon, Tyler agreed to an interview with yours truly. Here is that interview…

Cardinal Stadium (1 of 1)

CSZ –  It was rumored that you might pick Louisville after your weekend visit but the commitment didn’t come till yesterday. Was it simply a case of visiting all the other schools to find the perfect fit for you?

TT – Yeah, I took all my visits to see what school would be right for me. Thats why it took that long.

CSZ –  Did you enter the transfer portal to showcase your talents on a bigger stage or was there another reason?

TT – Another Reason.

CSZ –  Being a Florida native, how hard was it to not pick a Florida school to finish your college career?

TT – The Florida school that offered me wasn’t a good fit for me. It wasn’t hard at all –  I’m used to being out of Florida.

CSZ – The Marshall fans have been very classy and wishing you well. How hard was it to leave them?

TT – Very hard. I miss them like crazy –  one the best fans base in nation.

CSZ –  Would you rather get a sack or de-cleat a RB in open field?

TT – Sack. I love getting to QB and putting him down, but if i can do both… lol

CSZ –  What are your goals for this season?

TT – My goal this season is to have the best season in college that I ever had. That and also be top 5 in sacks for sure – and be an all ACC player. Team wise, win the conference championship and be in playoff.

CSZ –  Do you prefer D End or D tackle?

TT – I can play anywhere in the front 7 of a defense. I’m going play whatever coach Ivey wants me to play and go 100% at what ever position it is. But defense end I guess.

CSZ –  Was the lack of depth on the Louisville D line a major factor in your decision to chose Louisville?

TT – No I didn’t even know their depth of the D line but my reason was when I came to visit, all the coaches where just so cool and I personally know coach Ivey. He recruited me out of high school but I didn’t have the grade to go to App State with him – but he coach two of my cousins at App. But I hung out with the players and it was just a bond we naturally had. Boosie, Pete, Malik, Pass – great guys. My brothers so cool all the guys and the city is amazing, everything just was great.

CSZ –  Do you feel you can make a major impact right away?

TT – Oh, I  will make impact right away. I don’t think they know all us –  Louisville gonna show everyone this year.

CSZ –  Did you quickly develop a relationship with Brian Brown, Mark Ivey or any of the coaches?

TT – Yes, coach Brown… Both Brown’s and Coach Ivey. I knew all coaches were cool, I like them all. Very funny group of coaches… lol

CSZ –  I haven’t seen a jersey # assigned to you yet. Do you have a # you prefer or do you really care?

TT – 33, 18, or 14.

CSZ –  Last year you had 8 sacks. Do you think you can equal or better the number moving to the ACC?

TT – Had 9, but equal it or better it.

CSZ –  Is there a game on the schedule that you are really looking forward to?

TT – Kentucky for sure, but Clemson, Norte Dame, Miami, and FSU …and WKU – loved playing against them when I played for Marshall.

CSZ –  What will you miss most about Marshall?

TT – I’m going to miss coach Brown, Bake, Pep, and Thweatt.  Also all the weight room coaches and my brothers – who will win this years conference USA championship.

CSZ – You can send out any message you want to Card fans, what would you say….

TT – Card nation needs to know that last year will not be like this this year. They gonna get a baller out of me and I’m happy to be here at the University of Louisville –  what an amazing city.

As you can see, this guy is going to give you all he has and maybe a little more. Definitely what the defense needed. It appears that Brian Brown got Cardinal fans a gift. It’s too bad that he will only be in a Cardinal uniform for one year but hopefully his motor, drive and work ethic will rub off on some of the younger guys. He could be a huge part in changing the culture and the start of a bright future for Cardinal football.

Follow him on Twitter @TireonT

As always, GO CARDS!


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