Top Ten University of Louisville Football Games: #9 2014 vs uk

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Happy Friday!

Today’s submission in MY personal top 10 favorite University of Louisville Football games that are not in order, I repeat, not in order, happened at **** ***** Cardinal Stadium. I am not required to edit out that horrible name, but choose to. My next one was the 2014 game vs uk. I remember the day. I was at home getting ready to go to the game and Twitter exploded. THERE ARE FIGHTS STARTING! uk IS DIRTY! THEY HAVE GUYS IN STREET CLOTHES TRYING TO GET OUR GUYS KICKED OUT! Those were a few of the ones that come to mind. In the first quarter it would appear to have worked. Then Reg went down and we were all convinced that it just wasn’t our day. In comes Kyle Bolin…

Kyle Bolin and CSZ had known each other a long time. Former Editor Justin Renck had even approached Kyle about doing a series on CSZ. Kyle was one of the first athletes that we covered exclusively as a site and one of the first that I followed along with since CSZ’s inception. Great kid, great athlete, and, in my opinion, the sky was the limit for him here. One thing or another always got in his way during his career including a once in a generation QB you may know as Lamar Jackson or something; the school’s first Heisman winner. But the thing is, we all knew.

We all knew what he was capable of and we all knew what he could do and boy did he. KB completed 21/31 passes for 381 yards and 3 Touchdowns, all going to our hometown wideout Devante Parker. This was before all of the drama and struggle though, so this game made us hopeful for the future.

Agreed Josh, Agreed…

This game had a back and forth feel to it the entire four quarters. Even as it felt like the Cards were in control of this one after going on a 9 point run to take a 37-33 lead with 6 minutes left, the cats answered scoring a TD in less than a minute. At that point, it was up to the Cards to do two things: Score and defend. 2 minutes and 44 seconds later, Brandon Radcliff ran it in from 4 yards out to to make it 44-40 with 2:47 left in the game. Now it was up to the Cards D to seal this one at home.

After a 10 play drive that ate a bunch of time off of the clock, Mr. Steal Your Posession, Gerod Holliman, made the interception and almost took it to the house. Victory was ours!

I called Kyle about two hours after the game and he was elated and thanked CSZ for always being behind him. As a former Card I assured him that everyone in CardNation would have his back. This was his childhood dream coming true though. Lexington born and raised, signs with Louisville, and leads them to victory over his hometown cats. It was truly great to watch.

Well enough of my rants. I hope you enjoy watching this after you get home from a long week of work this Friday. Go Cards!

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