2020 UofL Commit Josh Minkins Jr Shined In Win Over Doss

This past Friday night, high school football kicked off in earnest around Metro Louisville. Of particular interest to UofL fans this high school football season will be the Ballard Bruins. The reason for this, of course, is that Ballard senior WR/DB Josh Minkins Jr is a 2020 UofL commit. One of two out of the city, the other being Austin Collins. I was able to attend the Ballard vs. Doss game Friday night and I came away impressed Minkins speed, athleticism, and his overall ability.

Minkins played both ways for the Bruins on this night, playing as a CB on defense and a WR on offense. On defense, Doss rarely tested the 6’3 185 lbs athlete. They usually stuck to passes over the middle of the field or to the opposite side of Minkins. However, one of the times they did pass Minkins way, it did result in their only score of the game. However, the fact they avoided Minkins like the plague most of the game is a testament to just how much Doss respected and feared him.

On offense, Minkins was a playmaker. He only had 3 receptions, but 2 were for touchdowns. In the first quarter, Minkins streaked down the sideline to the end zone. The Ballard QB threw the ball up high and Minkins jumped up and caught it for a 17 yard score; displaying his excellent leaping ability. Later in the first quarter, Minkins hauled in a 14 yard pass. It did not result in a first down due to a 5 yard false start penalty by Ballard. In the third quarter, Minkins showed really good speed, running a post route and flat out outrunning the DB defending him. He got wide open in the middle of the end zone and the Ballard QB threw a pass that Minkins went up on, high pointed with his hands, and came down in the end zone for his second receiving TD. Minkins ended the night with 3 receptions for 63 yards and 2 TDs.

However, this was not the end of the story for Josh Minkins on this night. Minkins was back to return a kick for the Bruins in the second quarter. The kick actually hits the ground and Minkins scoops it up. A couple of Doss players get hands on him, but he discards the tackle attempts rather easily and shows great balance. He weaves his way through the Doss defenders until he is able to make his way to the left sideline. From there, Minkins turns on the jets and goes untouched for his third TD of the game. It was an 80 yard return. By the way, he actually backpedaled into the end zone. It drew a 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty, but I loved the swagger.

This game displayed all of Josh Minkins Jr’s athletic gifts. I got to see the speed, which is unbelievable. He ran almost effortlessly. I was able to see the leaping ability and his length at work. He jumped up for both his receiving TDs and he got up. He was not about to let the DBs be able to make a play on the ball. His balance and strength is so underrated and that amazing kick return TD showed it. One Doss player laid a hit on Minkins, but he just bounced off and kept weaving through all the burgundy clad Dragons. Minkins will be a very, very valuable player for UofL Football once he gets in the program. The skills he displayed this game are amazing and it will make him a valuable weapon. Check out Minkins highlights from Friday’s game here.

stats courtesy of digitalscout.com

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