Top Ten University of Louisville Football Games: #1 2016 VS FSU (Ali Game)

Good morning everyone! It’s Sunday which means 2 things specifically: 1) it’s Game day tomorrow! & 2) It’s the finale of my favorite Top Ten University of Louisville Football Games that are in no particular order. However, I put the top three in order. It was confusing at first, but I hope you understand now; especially since this is the finale. Moving forward…

My number 1 favorite game of all time is a recent one. It’s not because it just happened, but because the day and the game were both just awesome. That morning myself and Rummage started off the day with CSZ on 939; a show that used to dominate the airwaves Saturday’s on ESPN 939 The Ville. It was a show most of you remember; most of you. (Jacob) We had my old teammates on, Chris Redman and Danny Mosby.

We all picked Louisville to win. We really meant it. I picked the game to be close early and for Louisville to pull away late. If you consider the second quarter late then I was right!

We then moved the party over to the Red Rage Tailgate where the eyes of the world were firmly planted. David, Justin, and the guys had that shot rocking for the SportsCenter cameras. The day felt special early. It felt like a momentum was building like that of the day of the national championship game in Atlanta or like that of the Sugar Bowl in N.O. You could just tell it would be a special day.

Ran into all of my good luck friends and followers on my way to ESPN GameDay. The day did not seem long, even though we started our show at 5 am I believe. The noon kickoff made it easier for the day to go by quick.

My seats were pretty close to the front, but me and my buddy Chris M decided to sit in the very last row of section 218. Well, we stood up top behind that section in the party deck. Corso picked the Cards, the Cards became the favorites by kickoff, and the tone was set.

I won’t recap the game here. I will include the game recap from that day here in a minute. That day was special and the game was a bell-to-bell butt whooping that I will never forget. I hope you enjoyed this and best of luck to the Cards tomorrow night! Go Cards!


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