UofL Football 2020 WR Commit Shows Out In Game 2 Of His Season

High School football is now in its second week across the nation. One UofL Football 2020 commit had himself a big game in his second week.

Dexter Rentz Jr, a 5’8 1/2 155 WR commit from FL, had a big game this past Friday. His high school, Ocoee, took on local rival Olympia. The 3 Star speedster racked up 5 receptions for 100 yards and 2 touchdowns. Of course, he utilized his speed and quickness while lined up both in the slot and out wide to do it. Below is a breakdown of some of his highlights.

On his first touchdown, Rentz runs a simple slant. The defense over-pursues and Rentz makes them pay by running right through the vacated middle and straight to the end zone untouched for a TD.

The second TD was a play action bubble screen in the red zone. Some nice blocking from his fellow receiver and Rentz’s speed allowed him to get to the edge, dart up the sideline, and score untouched.

With Rentz lined up in the slot, he had himself another big catch. He ran what appeared to be a post route across the middle of the field and got wide open. The QB made a nice throw, allowing Rentz to get a ton of yards after the catch. He nearly scored, but was brought down around the 8 or 9 yard line. The only reason he was even brought down was only because the opposing safety took the perfect angle to cut him off and made a TD saving play. Otherwise, Rentz would’ve had 3 scores.

His final highlight was a completion of about 9 yards. It was second down and Rentz is lined up wide. He runs a curl or hitch route because the CB is giving him a ton of cushion. Rentz catches the ball a yard short of the first. It appears the CB is going to come up and blast him to stop him from getting the first down. However, Rentz quickly cuts to the inside and accelerates, leaving the CB grasping at air. A first down and an extra 5 YAC yards are gained by Rentz with that simple little cut and burst.

Rentz showed his playmaking ability in this game and why UofL was happy to land his commitment. He is a big play threat every time he touches the ball because of his quickness, acceleration, speed, and ability to get yards after the catch. Dexter Rentz Jr should be fun to watch fly around the field in a Cards uniform.

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