Quick Hit5er5: (9-2-19)

Welcome to this week’s episode of #QuickHit5er5! In this week’s edition, I will simply give my thoughts on Monday’s game vs Notre Dame, new season predictions, pickup ball? And a little more. Let’s start off with this week’s Quick Hit5er5….

The Football Cards played out of their minds Monday night, but fell a little short to #8 ND. The effort was there on both sides of the ball, but errors down the stretch doomed the upstart Cards. Here are a few takeaways.

-Puma will get better

-Running game did their thing!

-Oline was money

-Defense came to play!

-3rd & 4th downs the defense took control

-Seven wins WILL happen if the effort is there

We are on the way!

Ok Gary, I will give my new season predictions!

After Monday night’s grit, passion, hard work, and the many other positive things I saw from this team, I exercise and use my one time redo clause. I now believe that the Cards will win 7 and at some point end up in the Top 25. I know. I am shocked myself. The team has to show improvement on the front of ball security. I am all in if that happens.

Lets change the topic real quick. Let’s talk about the atmosphere Monday. Tailgating was on point. Fans were excited. It felt very different around here. Maybe it was because we all gave a crap for the first time in a while. It was awesome. It was also awesome that the fine gentlemen from Team 106 opened up their doors for a open run. We had some important visitors there too…

Photo Courtesy of Phenom Hoop Report

Among those were Zach Loveday, Josh Hall & Devin Askew. This was not Devin’s first open run at the Ville and hopefully not his last. Check below for the recruiting gawd Jake’s Weingarten’s (From Rivals) takeaways from the open run.

Men’s Soccer beat uk last night…..Go Cards!

Back to Football for a second. Check out JK’s latest installment of EYNTK: EKU. He was on the money last week and he probably will be again this week.

Also check out Jeff’s first photo gallery of the season. Louisville vs ND.

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Speaking of IG…

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Thanks again for taking the time out to read my thoughts; no matter how outlandish they are. Go Cards! Beat EKU.

Until next time, This has been Quick Hitt5r5!

P.S.-Here is the latest installment of Welcome to the Ville!
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