Quick Hit5er5: (9-11-19)

Welcome to this week’s episode of #QuickHit5er5! In this week’s edition, I will give my thoughts on Satterday’s (yep) game vs EKU, Football recruiting, Basketball events, Paige being 3 sheets to the wind, and a little more. Let’s start off with this week’s Quick Hit5er5….

Dez put the holy spirit into this guy en route to a 42-0 spanking of EKU. It started out slow for Louisville as they led only 14-0 at the half. We then came out in the second half and took care of business. If you want to read a recap then check out JK’s recap here. Magnificent job as always. I digress….

Last week I said I wanted to see:

-Puma improve and I feel like he did. Still missing a ton of easy throws, but he is improving. That’s all I ask.

– the O-line continue to get better each week. Again, I feel like they did and barring injury they are gonna be a force to reckon with. Becton and Chandler doing big things! Must be those cookies. Check out the end of the post.

-the running game stay consistent and they sure did.

-the defense stay steady and they knocked this one out of the park.

-effort, effort,effort…. It was there again. Keep it up guys!

I know what you are gonna say: IT WAS EKU JEREMY…. 

STFU. That is all.

Honestly, we have struggled to shut down EKU caliber teams in the past few years so i will deem this an accomplishment.

I told Senior Contributor Jeff Nunn that Malik would play this week and he said.. “No, hes not healthy.” Hmm…

Game. Set. Nap Time.

Check out Jeff’s awesome as always Photo Gallery here!

Moving along…

I was shocked that I was correct, but not half as shocked as I was when Paige said she had an article for review.

Coach Strong and Paige

Run away Paige! Never mind you were L.I.T, LIT, at this function which was your first and probably last function for CSZ. Well done..

All jokes aside, it’s a great article about the culture change at Louisville within the Football team. It is worth a read. Check out Front Paige: Culture Shock.

Hasaan, I also saw the Cards picked up a pair of Football recruits this past 7 days. Shawn breaks them down for us and tells us how they will help us out!

Nick Malito WR

Lovie Jenkins CB (UT Flip)

For all of last weeks top stories click here

Some interesting info released about the Hoops squad

Click below for links to the Red-White game & Select A Seat events coming up soon!


Select A Seat

Photo Courtesy of Louisville Men’s Basketball’s Twitter Account (@LouisvilleMBB)

Also, we need to welcome THE IRISH HULK to the Ville! Check him out at the link included and DM Katie and Paige and ask why we were laughing at them in the group DM.

On a personal note, it has felt good to get these Quick Hitt5r5 back up and running. It has been 3 years since they were a weekly staple also known as 55. We started doing radio and I didnt have the time for them anymore. I appreciate the tons of support I have received both publicly and privately. I love writing and moved away from it for awhile. It’s back and is here to stay. Possibly. You all will tell me….

Congrats to our guy Mike Rutherford on the birth of his daughter. Mostly to his wife though, because she did all of the work. Here is a letter he wrote to his daughter. One of the best things I have ever read. Thats no lie. Congrats Bro!

Lot of pressure on baby Virginia. The Football Cards are undefeated since her birth, giving her the best lifetime record for a baby born to a sports guy in Louisville. Anything was better than when Steve’s son was born right before our Alabama debacle. He was thinking about putting Xavier back in for a few days. It did not work…

One person comes in to Louisville and one leaves…

Dae, we wish you the best of luck in the future wherever you land. Unless it is Lexington. Seriously. Always a big supporter of the site and our work. Especially Jeff and TJ’s pictures as you can see in his Avi. Pretty cool.

Shout out again to my guy @replouisville and follow him on Twitter. You can also catch him on the gram now at @werep247 on IG.

Speaking of IG…

Don’t forget to follow CSZ on Twitter at @CardSportZone, IG at @CardSportsZone, or make it Facebook official and like us there! You can also just go to CardinalSportsZone.com and subscribe to email notifications. Get some of the stories hours before the others!

Shout out to Katie & Paige for killing it this week again on our Instagram page

I would be doing a huge disservice if I didn’t mention the significance of today’s date and the events that happened. I was at my parents house on my way to work when I stopped in. I watched in horror as everything happened live on TV. I remember how that tragedy pulled a country together. I still keep those affected in my thoughts and prayers to this day. God bless.

Thanks again for taking the time out to read my thoughts; no matter how outlandish they are. Papa 55 gets to come home this week too! Go Cards! Beat WKU.

Until next time, This has been Quick Hitt5r5!

P. S.-Enjoy this clip from WLKY on the Ledfords and their impact on this team’s Offensive Line. Enjoy



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