Quick Hit5er5: (9-19-19)

Sorry for the delay this week. I have been busy with physical therapy, making sure Dad is settled in at home, and making sure he is safe. I failed miserably on one of these. We also discuss the upcoming battle vs FSU, my pops, Louisville Live, and a dbag from Lexington.

Without further adieu, here is Quick Hit5er5….

I could probably come up with 15 reasons, but I will only give you a few.

Editors note: When I google searched dbag it gave me this picture, Donald Trump & an actual douchebag. So, I ran with this. I probably should have went with the other ones. Anyways. Back on topic.

You may be a douchebag if you:

  1. Twist someones ankle like Kurt Angle even though you have been injured the same way.
  2.  Dispute video evidence by denying it and say you would never….
  3.  Jump in my mentions and say that he didn’t do it because he said he didn’t.
  4.  Also claim that said dbag said he didn’t do it so you believe him.
  5.  Then lie and say even if it is true that’s how you were taught. Even though we were taught by the same people.
  6.  Then make sure you have uk Basketball and about 2-3 other football teams in your bio

Hey! I came up with 6! Maybe i should have kept going. I was talking to buddy Crums about it and its just sad. This ‘guy’ also was caping for kids up 20 runs in a little league game to keep scoring or they sucked.

Sorry Mom and Dad. The meme said it, not me…

Speaking of Dad…he is home and doing ok. He is just getting used to being home and going through normal life again. He has stopped smoking which I keep telling him might be good for his lungs. He never listens anyway. He did call me Monday to tell me not to use his card (I run errands for them) because he called and canceled it. I asked why? He told me….”I called to get a subscription canceled for something. When they answered the phone I could not understand them. I just figured terrorists had gotten ahold of my card info so I called the bank and canceled.” Lol. Yes Dad. Terrorists targeted you by taking $39.99 out of your account each month for something that you had authorized. This was the final step before they jumped into your Swiss bank accounts in the good name of the Prince of Zamunda. There is never a dull moment. I am just glad he is alive and well. speaking of a live….I know awful transition…

Photo Courtesy of @LouisvilleMBB Twitter Account

The Cards will get new uniforms for the upcoming Louisville Live event. I do not think I would like them in our full rotation, but I do think that it’s pretty cool for a one time deal. Louisville Live comes to you Live next Friday from 4th Street Live! If you have ever thought that Chris Mack and this Louisville Athletic Department didn’t work their tails off for new and creative things for us then you are a moron…and incorrect. Shout out to Vince, Lottie, and everyone else that has made our athletic department more fan-friendly. We appreciate it. For details on the Uni’s, click below.

LL Uniforms

Lets talk a little Football

First off, if you haven’t seen our mega-gallery from the WKU game then click here and fix that. Terrific job as always by Jeff Nunn and a great first road game for JK who really continues to turn heads here and across the city. Awesome job guys! This game went as about expected for me. I did not expect Evan Conley, but it sure was nice to see him come in and ball out. This weekend we have FSU. I see a team in FSU that is in disarray. These are the scariest teams to face. On top of that, they have a team with 5* talent that is ready to explode. My heart says we win and my head says it’s gonna be really close, but we will lose. I hope my head is wrong.

We also cannot ignore the fact that UofL is 2-0 since Mike Rutherford watched his baby being born. Virginia may have the most to lose this week. Also, people of BBN, stop dragging people’s children into sports debates. Whether you think it’s soft or funny or whatever Bance Chorders, it is not. You proved without a shadow of a doubt the other day that your Mom and Dad are first cousins.

Sorry. I forgot. I wonder if this guy, Kash, and the dbag from the story earlier know each other. Of course they do. Nevermind…..

Also shout out to my non-blood relatives, the Rummages. Their latest edition to the family is Mack, a full blooded Pit.

And here his cousin Lucy…

Him and Lucy are going to be great friends. I am sure they will drive us all crazy (crazier) . Speaking of friends…

Shout out again to my guy @replouisville and follow him on Twitter. You can also catch him on the gram now at @werep247 on IG. His work is so dope.

Speaking of IG…

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Thanks again for taking the time out to read my thoughts; no matter how outlandish they are. Go Cards! Beat FSU!

Until next time, This has been Quick Hitt5r5!

P. S. Here’s footage from last years Louisville Live!

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