Quick Hit5er5 (10-10-19)

Welcome to this week’s edition of Quick Hit5er5! Today, I bring you five BOLD predictions for the rest of the football season. We then recap the victory over BC. Also, there are new details on the Red-White game this weekend & much more! Without further adieu, here is this week’s…..Quick Hit5er5!

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I sat here and started to think of the season so far that we’ve had. 3-2 after 5 games played; could have been 4-1. I won’t point out that almost W any longer. Would you have been ok if I told you before the season that we would have 3 wins at this point? I would have. The next three games vs ranked opponents could end up an 0-3 stretch so i don’t want anyone to freak out. I don’t see us going 0-3 myself.

Here’s where I am. This season is already a success. The change in attitude, change in effort, change in coaching, and those three wins make this a successful season in my eyes. I do not think we are done. Before this turns into a Uber Andre Diet version of a speech, let’s get to my bold predictions.

1) The Cards will go Bowling. This team was projected to win 3 this year and they will double it.

2) The Cards will win 2 out of their next 3 games. All are against top 25 teams.

3) The Cards will have a 1000 yard rushing RB this year. Bilal Powell’s 1405 yards in 2010 was the last time this was accomplished. Javian Hawkins is on pace for 1461 yards this season. If you don’t think the math adds up, I included the bowl game.

4) We are no Brock Lesnar, but another streak will rest in peace this season. We will have a 1000 yard receiver. Harry Douglas was the last to do so in 2007 with 1159. Tutu is on pace to get 1102 yards this season. I think he barely gets to the mark.

5) 26-24. This is the score of the UofL-Clemson game. My head and heart are pulling me in two different directions here. I can’t give you a winner here. I just feel like this will be a close game.

(Some stats from Kelly Dickey)

Thx Dez. Let’s get to the recap of the win over BC. We won by a foot. Literally this foot.

The Louisville Cardinals (3-2, 1-1 ACC) gathered their first conference win since November 2017, beating Boston College (3-3, 1-2) 41-39 in a shootout. Six Cards amassed 100 yards or more of total offense. Micale Cunningham (288), Evan Conley (140), Javian Hawkins (172), Seth Dawkins (170), Tutu Atwell (110), and Dez 6Patrick (108) all got in the hundred plus range.

The defense struggled, but came up big when it needed too. Khane Pass had 12 tackles and Russ Yeast added 10. The Cards next face #19 Wake Forest Saturday night at 7:30. If you need somewhere to watch, you can join myself and the crew up at Roosters in Middletown OR you can go up to Baxters 942 and join our friends at CardinalSports.com.

Here are some links to catch you up on the BC game and EYNTK by Justin Krueger. THE BEST dang breakdown guy in the game. Click Below!

Recap: BC

Photo Gallery BC

Highlights And Notes: BC


Uniform Report

Also, the XFL Draft is coming up and there are a bunch of familiar faces. Check those out here.


The Louisville Field Hockey team waxed PSU 3-0 Sunday at Trager. The win helped the Cards move to #5 in the rankings. It’s the Cards first appearance in the top 5 since 2014. The 10-1 Cards battle it out with #9 Virginia tomorrow night at 6pm at Trager. Here are the highlights from the victory over PSU.

Now lets switch course and talk a little hoops!

Coming off of the Louisville Live event we expected there to be a lot of action as far as recruiting announcements. We did get Jay Scrubb, but there were a group of others that we thought we had a chance with. Myself, Perrin Johnson, and the CSZ Recruiting team talked about these targets at length in the CSZ Podcast. Check that out here. One of the targets we spoke on, Jaemyn Brakefield, committed to Duke the next morning. Ignore his name in the podcast even though Higgy named him as a lock. You will want to hear that.

Also it was announced that this Saturday’s Red-White game will have a few changes. You can read about those here. Stay tuned for a Mega-Gallery from TJ and Nunn on Monday as they will both be covering the game.

Paige brings us her first story in nearly a year! (Checks notes) a week? That can’t be right. Well @#&@. Today, Paige gets us up to date on the Louisville Women’s Basketball team and the changes since last season. Check that out here.

The Baseball Cards got back from a trip from the Dominican Republic this week and had a bunch of videos for us. Here are a few

I swear every week I say this week will be quick, but it never is. Time to wrap this up.

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Thanks again for taking the time out to read my thoughts; no matter how outlandish they are. Go Cards! Beat WF!

Until next time, this has been Quick Hitt5r5!

P. S. Heres a cool video about the new barber shop that opened on campus. Enjoy!

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