Nunnsense | Anonymous Scout Says Mekhi Becton Likes To Cook And Eat More Than Football

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An anonymous NFL scout said the following about why they ranked Becton lower than most: “Know why I have him fifth? Because he loves to cook and eat more than he loves frigging football … He can be a freak now. You could hit on him. You know what he is? He’s  Trent Brown (Las Vegas Raiders offensive tackle – 6-9, 353, 5.26 ).”

For the record, Trent Brown was a 7th round pick  (244th overall) in 2016. He is a Pro Bowler and Super Bowl champion (Patriots) who has started 55 games in five NFL seasons and is currently the heaviest player in the NFL.

As a Louisville fan, my mind immediately goes to all the things they said about Teddy Bridgewater. Prior to the NFL Draft, the media spent all season building him up, praising his every move. Once he reached the top and was (in some projections) the top rated QB in the draft, however, they found every little reason to tear him down. I remember them saying his hands were too small – among other excuses.

You may also remember scouts saying that current NFL MVP Lamar Jackson will never be an NFL quarterback and should switch to wide receiver if he wants an NFL career. I think Lamar is doing alright.

In my opinion, Mekhi Becton is the best offensive tackle in the draft. A very close second is Alabama’s Jedrick Willis. I wouldn’t be shocked if Willis was selected before Becton, but it’s not the right move.

I guess my problem with the statement about Becton, besides being anonymous, is I don’t see liking to cook or being good at cooking as a negative to his game. Tom Brady wrote a cookbook in 2016 and it hasn’t seemed to effect his production.

If Mekhi is cut from the same fabric as Lamar, then the worst thing you could do if you want him to fail, is tell him can’t do it. So this anonymous idiot looking for some attention might just be the fuel that feeds Mekhi to be one of the best players in the league. I’m betting on Mekhi…. Always!

Lord help this anonymous guy if Louisville Twitter ever finds out who he is.

As Always, GO CARDS!


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