Countdown to Kickoff: 2016 Syracuse

This 2016 game against Syracuse was memorable because it produced Lamar’s Heisman moment. Everyone knows that, for every Heisman winner, there’s usually a singular moment at some point in that season that puts them on the map nationally; a Heisman moment. For Lamar, it was the graceful leap over the Syracuse defender along the sideline.

It also helped that Lamar threw for 411 yards with 1 TD pass. Oh, and he ran for 199 yards and 4 TDs. He fell one yard shy of setting a record. This game set up the showdown with FSU on Ali Day with College Gameday making their first appearance at Cardinal Stadium. This Syracuse game had the Heisman moment that set the stage for the FSU game won Lamar the Heisman.

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