GameDay Prep: UCF Q&A With UCF Sidelines

With it being the eve of one of the biggest games in town in recent memory, our editor Jeremy Wahman (aka 55) reached out to his UCF acquaintance, Mr. Sidelines UCF, to get his thoughts on the Louisville-UCF matchup and some other things. As you may know, Orlando is a favorite vacation spot for 55, so he didn’t just ask sports stuff. He asked the hard hitting Orlando questions too. As a part-time Orlando resident, I just want to give the #1 commuter school in Orlando some love. We hope you all enjoy!

Warning: After we had our interview this tweet was posted and since deleted. Yall done f’d up…

Back to our very friendly, cordial and fun conversation…..



55- How Golden are the Knights?


55- Solid


55- Does your fanbase like discounted beer?

SUCF- Our fanbase can out drink most fanbases & I wouldn’t be surprised if the stadium runs out of beer. Our slogan was win or lose we still booze for decades.

55- Brother, our babies drink out of two bottles growing up. One for milk and the other for bourbon. Challenge Accepted.


55- All jokes aside, what worries you about this Louisville team?

SUCF-I worry about containment of your mobile QB. We have struggled with that in the past.

55- I think you are good on that worry


55- You all haven’t recorded a sack, why has that be an issue?

SUCF- We have created a lot of pressure, but Boise St & BC ran a lot of quick plays to combat that. It’s not bc our DL isn’t getting in there. We have the #1 Rushing Defense in the country.

55- Noted


55- How important was the move to the Big 12 for the program?

SUCF- Extremely important. It increases our conference payout over 4x while also opening us up as a P5 to a whole new group of recruits. It’s been a struggle being part of the “G5” to get credit for our accomplishments and to also continue to spend enough to stay a top 25 program.

55- Why does your QB look so slow, but he breaks away for so many big plays?

SUCF-He is a pocket QB who looks for the open throw, but tucks it when he needs to. Think Russell Wilson model. He doesn’t look like Lamar, but gets the stats when it’s all said & done.

55- Nobody is like Lamar buddy. We will talk about him for ages. Just like you all do with

55-Did you know where Bethune-Cookman was?

SUCF-Yes. We have played them the most of any team in our history.

55– See, you learn things here CardNation…


55- How often do you go to epic McDonald’s?

SUCF- Never

55- So I have been 7 times more than you, scoreboard…


55- How do you all plan to limit big plays by Louisville?

SUCF-Pressure on QB, bend don’t break Defense


55- Burger FI is amazing. Sorry not a question.

SUCF- Agree it is


55- Pick one player Louisville fans need to watch out for on offense and defense.

SUCF- Marshall on Offense. Diaby on Defense


55- Do all Orlandoans have an annual Disney pass?

SUCF-75% of UCF fans probably do

55- Are you impressed that I knew it was Orlandoan?


55- I read a lot of newspapers while I am at the Amusement parks my friend. A lot.


55- I noticed against Boise that you all started slow. Are you worried about this against Louisville?

SUCF- Yes, we started slow against BCU as well. It was 7-7

55- I am sure the ensuing 400 points after made up for your trepidation.


55- What is you favorite thing to get at Wawa?

SUCF- Their breakfast

55- It is in my top 3 favorites for vacation convenience along with Buccee’s & Bust Bee. Not a sponsor.


55- I noticed against Boise that you all also didn’t throw down field much. Our coaches yesterday said that you have a good receiving corps. Our strength on defense is our db’s against the long ball. Do you expect UCF to take a lot of shots downfield?

SUCF- Gus is run first. I expect a few shots downfield

55- So a lot like our coach. We love to run first, second, and third.


55- Best cheese bread: Pizzanos or Giordanos?

SUCF- No idea

55- Not sure we can be friends after that. Ouch.


55- What is your final score prediction?

SUCF- 33-24 UCF


55-Thank you for your time and your incorrect prediction. Much love from the 502. Enjoy the discounted drinks and lets hope as many of your fans get drunk in the parking lot and miss the games as ours do…..

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