CSZ Staff Predictions: Louisville vs Clemson

Jeremy Wahman


Louisville 17 – Clemson 14

Because I have picked against the Cards too many times this season, I am going with a classic 17-14 win for the Cards. Cards Defense comes up big and takes advantage of a Clemson team with no offensive identity. Big group of recruits coming in, the crowd hungry to see their Cards and dang it…..its time! And if we don’t beat them this year it may never happen. Lol

Jeff Nunn


Clemson 24 – Louisville 21

I know Clemson is down a bit but I’m just not ready to predict them to lose. I hope they do but…



Clemson 24 – Louisville 14

Until I see a full game where the defense & offense compliment one another I got to choose the tigers.

Ben Gumbel


Clemson 17 – Louisville 13 

Go Cards, but I just cannot pick them to win this game, regardless of the circumstances.

Dalton Pence


Louisville 21 – Clemson 17

I think this one will be a low-scoring affair that will see the Cardinals come out victorious. The key to the game? Winning the field position battle; make a struggling Tiger offense work hard for their points

Jacob Pratt


Clemson 28 –  Louisville 21

This looks to be the best shot Louisville has to beat Clemson so far, but despite a great effort from Malik (3 TDs), Louisville falls just short.

Sam Basden


Clemson 34 – Louisvillle 24

Big Recruiting weekend for the good guys. This is a big game for Louisville for 2 reasons: 1st because it’s the next game on the schedule and 2nd because of the amount of recruits in attendance. Both teams aren’t overly excited about how the season has turned out so far, but I think Clemson feels a little bit better about themselves after the game. This is Louisville’s best chance to finally beat Clemson, unfortunately I don’t think we capitalize on it.

Mitch Motley


Clemson 20 – Louisville 13

Shawn Barbour


Louisville 31 – Clemson 24 

The Cards are desperate, it’s a night home game, and despite their record it’s Clemson. The injury to Kei’Trel Clark hurts a ton, but I think the Cards play their most complete game of the year. Clemson is still Clemson and they will score a few, but the Cards will control the game and win by 7. The final margin of score may make it seem they did not play a complete game, but I think (and hope) our eyes will see a different story.



Louisville 24 – Clemson 21 

Bryan Brown seemingly has the Cards’ defense turned around somewhat with back to back performances that should have fans encouraged. And to say Clemson’s offense has been subpar this season, is putting it lightly, and although the defense isn’t bad by any means, it certainly isn’t as dominant as in years past. This could very well be the year we finally take down the Tigers.

Katie Goben


Clemson 28 – Louisville 10

Neither team looks awesome but their deeper, athletic bench pays off at the end.

The CSZ staff consensus average is

UofL 19 – Clemson 22.8

Las Vegas Line = Clemson -3.5

Over/under = 45.5

CSZ staff predicted average odds = Clemson -3.8  Over/Under = 41.8

CSZ staff

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