Favorite Lamar Memories From The CSZ Staff

There are quite a few members of the Cardinal Sports Zone who were on staff during Lamar’s time at Louisville. There are a few who joined after Lamar left for the NFL. No matter if they were on staff or not at that time, they all loved, cheered, and followed his career. I asked some of them to share a favorite memory for me to share with you. I believe sharing and reliving these special moments helps take us back to a better time, a time where all the fans were united and we all cheered together every single game. I think we need a little of that right now.

For me, I have so many great memories. I think everyone remembers where they were when they saw the “Lamar Leap.” I know I was with my son and a few members of the CSZ staff at a place that used to sponsor the site. I will NEVER forget the look on my son’s face when the moment happened.

Lamar is the best college football player I have ever seen.

But the Leap was just one of many many great memories.

Lamar was a great person to talk to. He would sit and talk to media all day if they let him. He wanted to answer every question and he never wanted to walk past a fan with giving them a high five or a hello.

As a photographer, I got to capture so many great moments that I will cherish forever. Lamar even signed a picture I took of him and Dez (Thanks Coach Fitz) for my dad as a Christmas present. I will forever be grateful.

I was also fortunate enough to put together a video for CSZ I called, “Unstoppable” as a tribute to Lamar’s Heisman trophy season.

Fellow CSZ photographer, TJ Barr, also got to capture a game Lamar played. Here is that photo gallery…

Photo Gallery: Football vs. Kentucky

Here are some other Lamar memories the CSZ staff has decided to share with you,

Jeremy Wahman –

My favorite Lamar moment was media day when I asked him about what Jaylen and Jaire had been going back and forth about the Bread-Winners or the Tax Boys. He said it was easy to say who would win…. his group, the Snipers.

Higgy –

Favorite Lamar memory was getting to interview him at the Media Day after the Heisman campaign. I got to talk names of different position groups. He was very awesome to interact with & discuss the “Snipers.”

– I would say another favorite memory of mine would be camping out at student gate for 14hrs for the Florida State game sitting front row to see Lamar take down the Seminoles!

Mitch Motley –

Favorite Lamar memory is an easy one for me. Plenty to choose from, but the Lamar Leap is second to none.

Shawn Barbour – 

I sat in the Georgia Dome with my buddy Paul and watched Lamar lead the comeback against Auburn that fell short. As we watched in amazement, I turned to my buddy and said Lamar was going to be a super star and would win the Heisman. Only time in my life I was prophetic.

Jacob Pratt –

Favorite Lamar memory will always be his Heisman acceptance speech.

Katie Goben –

My favorite Lamar memory is when “the leap” happened. I watched the game at JB’s with my family and as soon as he jumped, the place went nuts. Truly, I’ve never experienced anything like it over something that wasn’t a game-winning play. You just knew we were witnessing something special and sure enough, we were.

Ben Gumbel –

There are so many Lamar memories, but one in particular that stands out is sitting 2nd row at the 2015 Music City Bowl in Nashville. He played most of his freshman season, but that really felt like his true coming-out party. Passed for 227, ran for 226. I left that game thinking that we might really have something special. Little did I know, the ensuing year would include some of the most fun I’ve ever had as a UofL fan.

Sam Basden –

I have 2 favorite Lamar Jackson memories. The first has to be seeing him play in the Auburn game and thinking, wow he has the potential to be really special under Petrino. His athleticism, the quickness, and ability to make plays against a top tier SEC defense was incredible. I could only imagine what he’d do versus ACC and uk’s defense. The 2nd memory was the game against Syracuse. He was just incredible. The Lamar Leap, the deep passes, the runs, it was like he could do no wrong in that game.

Justin Krueger –

You know how the word “impossible” can be restructured to just be “I’m possible?” That’s what it felt like watching Lamar Jackson at Louisville.

If there’s any one play that I think best encapsulates Lamar Jackson’s sheer skill, it’s this hidden gem against Duke back in 2016.

Both edge rushers key on him on the read option. Lamar spins back, runs left, reverses field, turns the corner up the sideline, first down. You could count the number of players in the history of college football that could execute all that on one hand, with fingers to spare.

I definitely understand if people’s best memory of Jackson is tied to his one-man show against Syracuse, the 2016 and 2017 games against Florida State, the Kentucky games, the Virginia game-winner in 2016, etc. But this one play, to me, defines the wizardry that Lamar Jackson was truly capable of.


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