CSZ Staff Season Predictions For Louisville Football

Jeremy Wahman


The time for the resurgence of Louisville Football is here. When I put 9-3 on here I am saying that’s the floor for this team of they play to their potential & the new Head Coach makes the impact that we expect. A weak schedule paired with frustration, hard work & expectations can make for a historical season. Plus the uncertainty of conference affiliation could motivate this team to be a better team. Go Cards. Go Krogering.

Jeff Nunn


Everyone’s record is 0-0 and that’s when hope and expectations are at their highest. There is nothing greater than preseason hype. Usually, I warn everyone against it but this year I say, let those expectations fuel you confidence. Go ahead and predict 10, 11 or 12 wins. I’m hoping you are right but I’m also a realist. I understand the first season under a new staff, new quarterback and replacing NFL talent on defense isn’t always a recipe for the greatest success. However, the talent assembled on this team paired with a favorable schedule is a recipe for pretty good season and gives the Cards the possibility to overachieve the national expectations. A tough three game stretch in the middle of the schedule has me concerned enough to not predict more than the projected Las Vegas win total of 8 games. But I’ll be rooting for a 10 win season.

( I’m going to go ahead and predict a victory over Notre Dame)



Cards will have one of the most explosive offenses in ACC but will their defense play like the defense of last year? I think there are some games that have me little worried such as @NC State & Duke. Everyone is going to ask why Duke but they return all 11 starters on offense plus they were very underrated last year with first year head coach. We’ll definitely beat the school to the east. The team & the coaching staff have already embraced the no blue mentality which I am happy to see once again. 2 Names I’m excited to see how they preform this year will be Jimmy Calloway & Stephen Herron. Calloway will be a star in Brohm’s offense as receiver. I think him, thrash, & Coleman provide a huge lift to the receiving room that we needed. I’m also excited to see what Stephen Herron does this season as being a local kid & all PAC 12 performer in each of his years at Stanford. He will make a impact with Ashton & the defensive line will make it rough on opposing quarterbacks

Cody Montgomery


Losses at NC State, vs ND, and at Miami – The talent that Brohm brought in through the transfer portal is going to prove their value early and often. Expecting key contributions from the new guys. Not a very flashy prediction, but I’m expecting Jack Plummer to significantly outperform national expectations, playing in Brohm’s offense with a significant upgrade in the OLine he’s playing behind.

Shawn Barbour 


UofL’s schedule is a favorable one. With Jeff Brohm bringing a unique offense and a plethora of talent available to run it, 9-3 is definitely an attainable goal. I expect Louisville to put up quite a few points and I expect the defense to be even more aggressive than last year’s. This season is going to be quite special and it’s going to feel like the golden times from 2004-2006 and 2010-2016.

Sam Basden


The Brohm Era in Louisville should get off to an entertaining 4-0 start. Cards are favored and should be favored against the new look Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech. The Cards will most likely name their score in Brohm’s home debut vs Murray State. Indiana has shown to be an entertaining matchup against teams that overlook them, but I can’t see this year’s team overlooking any opponent. Cards should win easily in Indianapolis. Boston College squeaked out the slimmest margin of victory possible against the Cards in Chestnut Hill, but that was before the Cards found their identity and that was the previous regime. Cards will be 4-0 and hopefully ranked as they face their first real test of the season. Cards defeated the Wolfpack 25-10 last year when the NC State had a pretty good defense. Look for the Cards to keep their winning streak going with a 35-17 score. Cards vs Irish. Both teams could come in ranked and this is probably the only toss up game for me on the Cards’ schedule. With this game being in Cardinals stadium, it’ll really come down to who can protect the rock and capitalize on the opportunities given. Cards fall 35-31. After suffering their first and only loss in the regular season (yeah I said it!!!), Cards take out all of their frustrations on the Pittsburgh in a 51-16 drumming. The next 3 games for the Cards are at home (Duke, VT & UVA). Cards take care of home field and push their winning streak back to 4 before heading down Coral Gables, FL to face the Hurricanes. Miami isn’t Miami of old yet, but they are still talented enough and they are at home. Cards fall for the 2nd time in the season (38-27). Yeah, I know what I said earlier. There will NEVER be a scenario, let me repeat this… NEVER BE A SCENARIO (not in Louisville, Lexington, Florida, The Bahamas, Canada or the Moon where I pick Louisville to lose to the blue team up the road. Louisville wins 45-31. Coach Brohm finishes 10-2 in his 1st season as the head coach of his Louisville Cardinals. Coach Brohm will also start his soon to be impressive bowl record as Louisville head coach. Go Cards!!!

Dalton Pence


I think the margin for error between eight and 10 wins is extremely small, but the schedule grants Louisville an opportunity to make a big statement in year one under Jeff Brohm.

Ben Gumbel


The hype for this season is real but I think it is important to temper expectations in Jeff Brohm’s first year. The schedule is definitely favorable, we’ll have to wait and see if Louisville can take advantage of it. I think nine wins is achievable if they can knock off either Notre Dame or Kentucky at home.

TJ Barr


Jeff Brohm’s first season leading the Louisville football team will be a solid one. Not having traditional ACC powerhouses like Clemson and Florida State on the schedule pushes my win total slightly higher than it would have been, had those schools been on the schedule. I’m expecting an exciting Jeff Brohm offense, a win over Kentucky and hopefully a good amount of momentum leading into the 2024 season.



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