Cardinal Sports Zone Podcast Episode #182: Live From The CCC Tailgate! ; Cherry Picking

On this episode of the CSZ Podcast, coming to you live from the Collision Course Crew Tailgate, Jeremy goes live with Joey, Shawn, Alan, Rito, Curtis, Inc, John & everrrrrrrrryyyyyybody to celebrate the looming victory over the Boston College Golden Eagles!

On this episode we breakdown the game, have fun, make fun of Shawn, give predictions and much more! We talk about the good, the bad and the Higgy. You won’t want to miss this episode. We even get a live read from Master Yoda! The cookout was almost complete!


Also I included my trip to Cherry Picking this morning for the grand opening! Very happy for my family!



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Bonus Link To Cherry Picking Grand Opening! (Not Great Signal)



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