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Dear Coach Pitino: An Open Letter From A Lifelong Louisville Fan

Dear Coach Rick Pitino,
It is truly hard to image entering the KFC Yum! Center and not, first hearing you, then seeing you on the sidelines. You have been the figure head of the University of Louisville’s basketball team for much of my childhood.

What has transpired the past few years under your reign, it breaks my heart. Whether you knew about the issues, that’s irrelevant at this point.

It has been hard to be a Louisville Basketball fan… The play on the court has been tremendous. Your play calling, flawless at its best. But, the constant harassment from other fan bases… It was hard.

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Russ Smith Signs With New Team

Russ Smith

Jeff Greer, from the Courier-Journal, spoke with big Russ and confirmed that his son has signed a new deal with a team in China.

“Smith, the 6-foot guard who averaged 61.2 points per game last season in China’s second-tier league, signed a one-year deal with the Fujian Sturgeons, who play in the top-flight Chinese Basketball Association.”

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Cardinal Basketball Family Reunion

Louisville Cardinals head coach Pitino holds up the trophy as he and his team celebrate after defeating the Michigan Wolverines in their NCAA men's Final Four championship basketball game in Atlanta

Photo Cred: REUTERS/Jeff Haynes

Cardinals Forever,  Russdiculous, STV, Wichita and Lukeeeeeeeee all had dinner with Coach Pitino tonight at Jeff Rubys. There is a reason the 2013 team was so special to so many people, and those four guys are a huge part of it.

Top Stories For 9-3-17

After a record day for CSZ where we broke the story of Jaire Alexander’s injury extent, return timetable & Jeff Nunn’s monster photo gallery, Here are yesterday’s top stories at!

Louisville vs. Purdue Photo Gallery

J’aire Alexander Injury Update

Lamar & Louisville Defense Turns Lucas Oil Into Windianapolis

Lamar Jackson for Heisman… Again

Coach Petrino Post Game Presser Notes

Heisman Watch: Week 1

Lamar Jackson’s Purdue Post Game Comments

Top Stories For 9-2-17

Russ Smith Is Not Giving Up On NBA Dream

Video: Lamar Jackson Highlights vs Purdue

Louisville Vs Purdue: Full Game Video

BirdGang18 Adds Another

Thanks for making these our top stories by reading them and stay tuned to CSZ for all of your UofL Athletics Info!

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Why The Chicago Bulls Should Take A Chance On Russ Smith

Russ Smith

It is no secret that the Chicago Bulls are not going to be very good this season. They may actually compete for the worst team in the NBA. Russ Smith on the other hand is coming off a mega season over in China. Ya know, that one where he was averaging 61.9 points a game. Bryce Fields with Real Ball Insiders, wrote about why the Bulls picking up Russ would be a win-win.

Ps. Most of them are reasons UofL fans have been screaming at scouts since our beloved Russ graduated.

Nunnsense: At Louisville, Recruiting Rankings Don’t Determine Success



IMG_6474With there now being 17 verbal commitments to BirdGang ’18, there has much talk about a recent commit, Tutu Atwell. The excitement is that he is a dual-threat quarterback from Northwestern high school in Miami Fl. Yes, that is the same school one Teddy Bridgwater attended. The mere mention of Teddy’s name being associated with Tutu, brings another level of expectations and attention. But after you do your research, you will find that he is only ranked as a 2 star by 247sports and 3 star by several other sites. You will also find that he is listed as an athlete and not expected to play QB at Louisville.

But what really does a star rating mean? And who really cares about star ratings? A star rating does not guarantee success at the college or NFL level nor does it restrict being offered scholarships from power 5 schools. Bobby Petrino said he doesn’t care about star ratings but rather he recruits kids that fit his system and kids that can play football. Rick Pitino said he doesn’t care about star ratings either. He recruits ” Louisville kids.” Meaning kids that want to play his way and that do well off the court also.  Read the rest of this entry

Russ Smith Isn’t Giving Up On NBA Dream


Russ Smith


Russ Smith is currently playing in China, averaging 57.7 points per game. Let me say that again, Russ Smith is averaging 57.7 points per game in China. At one point this year, he was averaging 61.2. That is just flat out RussdiculousYet somehow, the NBA scouts aren’t taking much notice. Russ sat down with YARON WEITZMAN  of Bleacher Report and talked about the rollercoaster he has been on since he graduated from the University of Louisville. You can read the full article below, and let us know when you think Russ will finally get the respect he deserves. 


Russ Smith Writes, We Read, We Learn.


Russ Smith never disappoints. NEVER! When Russ Smith writes, we read and we usually laugh, but we always learn. We learn more about what a great person he is. He is a friend of the site & furthermore & friend of the city’s.

Well, Russ has written a new blog entry from his blog ,” Extreme measures and what I can share to the world and my peers.” This entry is entitled ” Extreme Measures.”

Here is a quote from his blog, You can read the full blog entry by clicking on his Tweet below. It’s worth your time.

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Celebrity Basketball Game In Honor Of Officer Nick Rodman Photo Gallery


The rims at Ballard High School are still there – Barely – No thanks to Montrezl Harrell. Saturday evening,  the Russ Smith Foundation and TBM hosted an event at Ballard High School to benefit the family of Officer Nick Rodman who died in the line of duty. The charity basketball event was headlined by former UofL players like Montrezl Harrell, Terrance Farley, Luke Whitehead & Perrin Johnson, who were on the Metro City Stars team. They faced off against a team of officers from the LMPD. The Metro Starts were coached by Hall of Fame coach Denny Crum and 2013 National champion, Peyton Siva. Paul Rogers was the announcer and CSZ’s own Jeremy Wahman was the celebrity time-keeper. Other people of interest on the Metro Stars team were Russ Smith Sr, Steven Rummage (93.9 The Ville radio personality), Phil Morrison (Asbury), Matt Brown (Program director -93.1 the beat), Charles Franklin (Community Outreach director), Chris Pointer (UL/CSU) and organizer Tim Barnett (Nevada). The game was very friendly for a half. The LMPD officers took a 39-37 lead into halftime. In the second half things started heating up. There was a lot of trash talking as the game stayed very competitive. Highlighted by a few monster slams from Harrell and a few key free throws down the stretch, the Metro Stars pulled our a 81-75 victory. Read the rest of this entry

Charity Basketball Game For Officer Rodman This Saturday


The Russ Smith Foundation, TBM and Sullivan’s Tap House have teamed up to form a charity basketball event in honor of Officer Nick Rodman, who was killed in the line of duty this past March. The event will feature the Metro City Stars, a team comprised of former Louisville players and prominent local figures up against a team of members of the LMPD, and will be hosted by Ballard High School this upcoming Saturday, June 24th at 6:30.

Metro City Stars Roster:


Montrezl Harrell
Terrance Farley
Tim Barnett
Perrin Johnson
Matt Brown
Tim Henderson
Russ Smith, Sr.
Chane Behanan
Phil Morrison
Charles Franklin
Chris Pointer

Luke Whitehead

Steve Rummage

Denny Crum
Peyton Siva, Jr.

Russ Smith Shares His Thoughts About UofL’s Punishment


Earlier today on Twitter, Russ Smith became another one of the former UofL players to offer his thoughts on the NCAA’s harsh sanctions imposed on the University of Louisville.

He took to Twitter to talk about those who have actively cheered for UofL’s downfall. Read below:

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Coach P Drains Threes, Former Players Comment (Roast)


We all know that Rick Pitino is amazing coach, after all, he is a Hall of Famer for a reason. Even though he probably has knees that would make Greg Oden and Derrick Rose envious, Coach Pitino showed us all that he has the mamba mentality on the court as well, and isn’t afraid to pull up a shot right in your face and make you look silly.

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Simply Lamarvelous



For the national media, Lamar Jackson has exploded onto the scene. For those of us close to the Ville we have seen it all along. Flashes against Auburn, Clemson & A&M last year to down right dominance through 4 games this year. He was asked what the biggest difference was between this year and last year to which he responded: I know the entire playbook now. Amazing. He may be a Football player but has fancied himself as a grader of performances. D’s and F’s he has given himself this year. Glad his grading doesn’t determine whether or not he can play. Maybe the single most dynamic player we have even seen here at Louisville and he is just a Sophomore. Some people call him the Football version of Russdiculous. Some have in fact dubbed him Lamarvelous. The shoe fits though. Taking on many defenders at a time and taking the ball to the goal(line), he really does mirror the Louisville legend of the hardwood. We are in for some exciting times here in the Ville so I believe we should sit back, relax and let this season sink in. Leave the trash talking to the guys who need to do that to prove something. We don’t need to talk in press conferences. We don’t need to talk on Twitter. Louisville Football does all the talking on the field.


Some national people have said that he has taken the national scene by storm. ESPN’s Adam Scarborough posted an article today that explains from the national perspective how Lamar has come from nowhwere. I hope you enjoy.

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Russ Smith: Never Forget

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Russ Smith’s attempt at the Summer of domination is almost complete. Russ has to feel more slighted after hearing recently that Tyler Ulis was called the steal of the draft by some outlets. (non-reputable) Check out Russ Smith’s stats from last year’s summer league. Better and never called the steal of the draft. Even though it is from a prior year, whenever Russ gets down he should remember this Throwback Thursday:

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Russ Smith’s Summer League Assignment

(via NBA Dleague)

This just in from Jeff Greer

Go get email Russ!

Louisville Basketball Summer Workouts

Photo: Tim Haag/

Photo: Tim Haag/

You think Louisville Basketball has an offer season? Tell Coach G & the Louisville Cardinals that. During the summer months is when this team is made. Guys like Alhaji Mohammed, Russ Smith,Peyton Siva, Preston Knowles & others come home to better themselves then turn to the current team to test them. Here’s some footage of what they’ve been up to so far.

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Russ Smith Blog: TIME




We at are blessed to do something that we love. We are also grateful when we meet great people. Russ Smith came in and did the Cardinal Sports Zone show, brought to you by Doug Budd and Red Edge Realty at, and did it well back in April. We told him from now on whenever he blogged we would post it. Last night he released his second blog of the year called time. He addresses a plethora of topics. Depression was one of those topics.

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Nunnsense: VJ, Rick, Kyle, Russ,Teddy And More


I’ve been on vacation for a week therefore I have a lot to catch up on so this week’s edition of Nunnsense will be a potpourri of topics. I was enjoying my family time on vacation so much that I didn’t even watch the college basketball national championship game. I knew that since I didn’t watch there would be an epic finish. And of course, I was correct. Congrats to Villanova. I took the vacation week and removed myself completely from the sports world. Well, almost……..

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Cardinal Sports Zone Show With Tim Barnett And Russ Smith

93.9 The Ville

Today’s show really need no introduction but I will give it one anyway. Tim Barnett from Focus Basketball and the incomparable Russ Smith joined Steve, Jeremy & Marques Maybin in studio. We talked about a variety of things from the golf scramble & Basketball camps to why Russ isn’t in the league yet. We hope you enjoy!

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Nunnsense; Rick vs. Denny, You Can Love Both


Photo: SBnation

In 2001 I heard rumors that Rick Pitino would likely be the coach to replace Denny Crum. Ironically, it was said that Pitino was choosing between Michigan and Louisville. It was also said that ultimately he chose Louisville because Michigan was a football school and he didn’t want to play second fiddle to any other sport. Of course all of these ” somebody said” things were all rumors but I believed all of them. I judged Rick right off the bat. I know that’s not fair but I fell victim to the media perception of his larger than life ego and his all about me attitude.

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