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Louisville-Notre Dame Football Time/TV Set

Notre Dame

One of the most anticipated games for the Louisville Cardinals in 2014 will be their trip to South Bend, Indiana as they face the Irish of Notre Dame for the first time in school history. We knew it would be on Saturday November 22, 2014. Now we have a time to go along with that, and it will kickoff at 3:30 pm ET and be shown on NBC.

Could it be any different this season for Cards fans? Just an example: last year we had Memphis at noon. This year we will have Notre Dame at 3:30 on NBC. The times, they are a changin!

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Road trip with the Cards in the 2014 football season!

Louisville ACC

The ACC announced home and away schedules for the 2014 football season, and if you are a Cards fan, you had to love what you saw. If you are not a Cards fan, why are you reading this? Thanks though! I realize we still have a 2013 season to play, but I thought I would go ahead and get this out there, because road trips and traveling can take some planning. I will also do one of these for this season. But with the excitement of the ACC on the way, this seemed like a good time to do this. Go ahead and make your plans to travel with the Cards on the road to an ACC game!

The dates are obviously not set yet, and these are in no particular order. But these are the conference teams that the Cards will play on the road in 2014. And yes, Notre Dame counts as ACC when it comes to this. For the distance, I just used mapquest and typed in the city of where the team plays, so of course it can be a few minutes off from where you would be coming from and where the stadium is, but you get a general idea.

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Cards handle Notre Dame; advance to Big East Championship!

Cardinal Head                         Notre Dame

      69                               57

The atmosphere in Madison Square Garden has always been kind to Louisville. Tonight, as tip-off neared, you could sense another grueling, fight to the finish Big East clash. The Cardinals and Fighting Irish didn’t disappoint. Coming out strong in the first half, Louisville knocked down some early threes and played aggressive defense. The counter screens the Irish used were some-what slowed down the full court press against the Cards, but they weren’t enough as Louisville took a 7 point advantage over Notre Dame into the locker room.

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Meet the Opponent: Notre Dame

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish

(25-8, 11-7 Big East)

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Notre Dame player look-alikes!

Digger Phelps

We haven’t done this kind of post in a while, but Notre Dame has some good look-alikes on their team! Some are better than others, but they are all pretty good! Enjoy!

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Revisiting 2 huge dunks over Notre Dame!

Kyle Kuric                   Earl Clark

By Justin Renck:

Not much needs to be said here. Just enjoy these videos of two of the best dunks in recent memory! Will someone else join the list today? My guess, if anyone, would be Montrezl Harrell!

Cards postgame video after Notre Dame win



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