Expectations: Cardinal Football


After the game the scoreboard read: Champions. As we all know it was referring to the University Of Louisville winning the Sugar Bowl Championship, but it felt like more. It could have been perceived as a symbol of our amazing run in all sports. It could have been thought of as the expectations for this year as well. The Cards had just completed the greatest season and bowl win in the history of the school. There was a very special feeling inside the stadium that night from the moment I walked in. Me and my buddy Chris sat down about an hour before kick-off and it was crazy loud and raucous. This felt different. This upcoming season will be different.

With the caliber of player we have now, along with great depth, we shouldn’t have to endure the letdown of past seasons where as Cardinal fans we lost that one game we shouldn’t have. We always have won the games nobody thought we would. This season carries the biggest expectations in school history. Undefeated some say. Also heard those words that we haven’t legitimately been able to say before: National Champs. Now the biggest difference between us and most fan-bases is that we the Cards, are an extremely humble fan-base. So I normally wouldn’t even go this far in years gone by. I believe we will go 12-0 in the regular season. I can’t predict any further because I don’t know the who and where yet. I do know this is the deepest Cards team ever and with Teddy and Devante and the WR core we have, the TE RB’s and OL we have, the defense we have led by Preston Brown, James Burgess, Calvin Pryor, Lozo and Hakeem back there with the other players it’s going to be an amazing season. So much to brag on because we are so deep. Let’s not look past 12-0 yet though, can’t worry about poll voters or naysayers about out schedule either, we can only play the Cards we are dealt. (yeah I said it). Feel free to tweet us at @Cardsportszone @Jeremy_CSZ  with your predictions

Go Cards!

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