CardNation Speaks: 2013 Opener (Part 1)


One thing that I try to do with the members of CardNation is stay interactive. I follow everyone back on Twitter, answer every question and talk to everyone no matter what time of the day I get hit with a random DM on twitter. I feel like that’s important, and a part of what sets us apart from a majority of the other sites out there. Today I started reading your thoughts about it being game week and what I wanted to do this week was so simple, get your thoughts. So I DM’d several people that I converse with the most and asked for their thoughts about the game this week and what their favorite things about gameday was. I hope you guys enjoy reading what everyone thought. I will be releasing these every day this week so DM me if you want to be a part of it. First up: @TurtleBITW, @Damon_L1C4, @Beast502Mode, & @NotWhatchaThink

First up @TurtleBITW :


This season has the most buzz of any season before that I can remember! The program is on the ri5e and we’ve been improving each year under Coach Strong! Coming off the Sugar Bowl victory over the heavily favored Florida Gators, we have our highest ranking in history to start the season, there’s so much energy and electricity surrounding our team! With the season opener, I’m looking forward to seeing Coach Strong continue his dominance as Head Coach, Teddy B shine like no other and just perhaps the beginning of the season that ends in a National Championship!

My favorite part about game day is of course the tailgating! Cornhole, grilling out, good friends and food. Then comes the walk to the stadium, the random C A R D S chant that erupts out of no where! Then seeing the Cardinal Bird parachute on to the field, it’s game time!

Next up: @Damon_L1C4

Damon #UofL17

Favorite part of game day is team entrance, tailgating, Card March, and the win of course! Go Cards!


@Beast502Mode says:


Just happy to be able to see our guys go out and play the game (we & they) love for us, the fans.


Last but not least @NotWhatchaThink:

Jessica #Hei5man

Sunday I’ll be excited to see the Card March turnout, the fan participation during the game & our return game. Favorite part of game day is the team coming out of the complex for kickoff. Wish they’d get rid of the inflatable tunnel though.


Well there’s the first four in the books, tune in tomorrow as @CrumsRevenge @HollyGirl88 & others give their thoughts. Friday the members of CSZ will give their thoughts as well. Thanks for your support and Go Cards!

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