4 Your Info; I’m blue da da dee da deh dum


Four your information, this is the trial.

I wanted to start a series this summer. Sort of a challenge. But really, this is no challenge. This is what I like to do; Talk sh*t. That’s what it says on my resume anyways. Just kidding. Maybe not. Okay, definitely not.


This is a spin-off idea I had after Jeremy’s 55 series. 55 being his favorite number, mine 4 because of David Padgett. I chose number 4 as my number in softball at the Male High School. I was sooooo in-like with David Padgett in high school. So I wanted to publish this series over the summer when my semester and internship with the Derby Festival are officially over. Perhaps a bi-weekly series. Like a pay-check. More like a reality check. So this should be a lot of fun and I hope #Cardnation will enjoy. I’ll start off with a kicker. Like all football games do…

Kentucky did NOT win a championship this week. This is a fantastic statement.

Wore a Thunder hat that day. Hey it’s blue, that’s the best I could do. Didn’t watch the game. Couldn’t watch the game. I mean…. I was working at Wicks, so it was definitely around me… everywhere actually. The C-A-T-S chants screeching throughout the building, you know.. what nightmares are made of. I could not watch the game because I just physically cannot see. I did that on purpose. I don’t watch Kentucky games. When I do, they win. Sorry BBN.

No I’m not.

Thunder over Louisville is this weekend. And that is WAY more important to me 🙂

Besides Kevin Durant being a total badass and the reason I started watching the NBA, I call myself a Thunder fan because I am a huge fan of Thunder…. Over Louisville 😉 So I wore OKC blue on Monday night. But I did say good luck to my BBN customers as they came in to eat at Wicks. When I worked at Subway in the SAC on UofL’s campus, I lit-tra-lee told the fans of the University of Kentucky that I felt it was disrespectful to wear #catsh*t on campus and walked away to find another employee to make their $5 footlong. When new employees were hired and joined our assembly line, I had one stipulation…


They would giggle but I reiterated that this was absolutely irrefutable.

But in all cereal-ness…


I cannot, in my basketball mind, explain this college basketball season.



Uccccconnnnnnnnn. You know though, congrats to Kevin Ollie. I still can’t explain how he got tossed from our match-up in Storrs.

Okay nevermind. I see. I love the passion Coach Ollie, you were right. I’m taking an officiating class this semester, so I have learned a whole new realm of basketball. I actually got goose bumps watching that again.

Then you have Dickie V like “That is absolutely a no-no! He missed the call, right in front of him. The coach stood up for his player. And you’re gonna bang him twice (jeez, typing things Dickie V says is awkward) and have him out of the arena. That is a no-no!’

But he does go on to say “he’s fighting for what’s right!” yeah. ORRRRR, you can

and I imagine Kevin Ollie is partying right now.


Ill leave with this…

we must build on a Strong foundation,

always in season and there’s always a reason,

to be loud and proud,

because we are THE Cardnation,

and this is 4 your information.



April  11, 2014

7:30 PM PJCS

Admission: FREE!



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