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This week on 55…..

Clemson, Clemson, Clemson. The time-out. How did our other programs do? Gary Barnidge, the Player??? We look this week at the remainder of the Football schedule and I will give my predictions and much, much more. So sit down, buckle up and enjoy the ride. These are the 55 most intriguing, ridiculous or down right best or worst things I have heard this week. This…is….55



Clemson logo


2) Out of respect for you I post your flag first this week. I was confident all week that with our defense we would have no problem defeated Clemson at Death Valley. I was wrong. The Cards lost 23-17 after a huge James Quick reception set us up with a 1 and 10 from the 5 yard line or so. Then this happened.




4) Well we lost and we should be very proud of this team. Without Will for the first half and with out Devante all game we almost pulled it off. Our Defense smothered the Tigers and held them to 9 offensive points when they scored 91 the prior 2 weeks combined.


5) Also for everyone ready to throw Bobby into the fire might I remind you of two things. One, Bobby has not been around these kids long. It does take a while to mesh with your team and get used to what they can do. Two we could have been kragthorped again. Be very thankful.

6) Always remember





8) Yeah….It’s not that bad now, is it? IS IT!!!!!


9) I digress


10) Let’s talk Defense. James Sample had 14 tackles and an INT, James Burgess had 11 tackles and an INT. Leading tackler on the season keith Kelsey added 8. The defense remains the #1 overall in total Defense.

11) Before the game:


11) After:


12) Give my guy @RubbingTheRock a follow. He’s very informative on everything Clemson


13) We definitely earned a ton of respect on and off of the field. Everyone from UofL and Clemson raved about how well each other treated them. This is great to hear. Every Clemson fan I know are very nice and hospitable and I’m glad the same could be said in person. Even ole Clemson Tom had good things to say.




15) Proud of yallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll


16) In closing, I do believe that Clemson will be a fun rival for years to come and I’m glad we can finally have a rival like that with no hate included.


17) OK, well now I am going to grab my Crystal Ball (giggety) and predict the rest of the Football season. You may not quote me or hold me to any of these predictions. Let’s go….

****Breaking**** 7 NCST players suspended for using bb guns in a campus incident

18) NCST: The Cards will not give up their first Offensive TD in 17 quarters today as on this day the Cards win 35-6. Everyone will have 10 tackles and Will will throw for 230 yards and 2 TD’s and B-Rad will go for 120 and 2 and Dom Brown will go for 63 and 1 TD. We will also not muff a punt, but will see DP this game


19) FSU: On this night, their will be no rain to cause an upset, just a smothering defense as the Cards win 31-17. The Cards will give up a offensive TD this game after turning the ball over in the red zone. Will and Reggie both see action in this game and the Cards jump back into the top 25 after this victory.


20) BC: The Cards travel to Bawston for the renewal of a very short lived rivalry from the mid 90’s. The Cards put up 250 yards rushing on the Golden Eagles as the Cards roll 42-3.


21) ND: This will be my first game in South Bend despite my family owning season tickets since the 1920’s. Come by my Parking spot to hang and party before hand if you want, or don’t. On this day the Cards pull out a 28-27 victory on a last second drive eerily similar to the one we lost at Clemson to. The defense gives up one TD, Bonnafon throws a pick 6 and Will fumbles the ball once which is ran back for a TD.


22) uk: We will destroy Kentucky 56-10….that is all

thats all


23) Bowl game: The Cards will travel back to Miami for the Orange Bowl where they will face the Georgia Bulldogs. The Cards win 17-6 and finish in the top 10 and everyone forgets about Bobby chucking the ball on 3rd down.


24) Of course these are all my hopes and best case scenarios, but they could happen…..


25) I also wish I could pick the uk game objectively but the hate that their fans aim at me won’t allow it. I do not think their run up the middle play 22 times in a row will work on us though but I will say they are much improved from the past but aren’t close to being what they need to be to beat us.


26) Moving forward


27) my buddy Perrin is on vacation and keeps sending me pictures of good food and good pics of the beach….Thanks P


28) Matt Jones tweeted this out the other day:



29) I personally have no issues with Matt. He was real nice to us at CSZ when we went in to do Talkin noiz so I won’t take any shots….but the Cards have scouts at every home game that do watch the kids workout, Coach P just doesn’t glorify it like Calipari does. I don’t even have a problem with it. But you can’t always talk about Louisville then call us little brother…



sipping tea


31) Anyways


32) It is being reported that Luke Hancock will be waived from the Grizzlies…..Here’s wishing you the best of luck


33) The best trick onside kick of all time?


34) Let’s take a look at the rest of the athletic teams here at Louisville in the week in review

FootballvsMurray Fans

35) Men’s Soccer had quite the week as they fell 3-0 to #5 IU at home then traveled to South Bend and dropped that game 3-2 in OT. The Cards play 5 in a row at home starting Tuesday with FGCU and Syracuse on Friday. Get out and support our Cards at Lynn Stadium!


36) Women’s Soccer beat NCST 1-0 then dropped one to BC 1-0 last week. The Cards have a pair at home vs NKU on Wednesday and Virginia on Sunday.


37) Swimming and Diving opened up their season at the Ralph last week with a sweep of Xavier. the Women won 204-56 and the Men won 205-64. Both teams travel to SMU on Friday


38) Women’s Volleyball also split a pair this week at home as they fall to #4 FSU 3-1 after it looked like an upset was going to occur. The Cards then swept ND 3-0. The Cards are back in action this week at Syracuse on Friday and at NCST on Sunday on ESPN3.


39) For Men’s tennis, Luis Elizondo and Jeffrey Brown won the B1 Doubles Division at the Wake Forest Invitational. The Cards have the Ohio Valley Regionals this week.


40) Women’s golf had an unusual poor showing as they finish 13th at the TarHeel Invitational. The Cards gear up for the Mercedes-Benz Championships in Knoxville on Friday.


41) Our heralded Field Hockey team only played one game this week and it was vs the #13 Syracuse Orange. The lady Orange dominated the Cards 3-1 in NY. They host #12 BC on Friday then host California on Sunday. The Cards are 3-2 in the 8 team ACC which has all teams ranked in the top 20.


42) That was the week in review.


43) I Don’t go into much detail on the scores because I don’t get out to a lot of the smaller sports but at least it’s all here in one spot to read.


44) CardFam reunions are always fun. Yesterday we had one at the Cardinal Hall of Fame café. If you have never been there before I recommend you do. The Mac and Cheese boulders and Ville Burger are the best.

45) Here are a few things I heard at the get together


46) Shawn got a date then turned the girl down. This really should be #1 but I just couldn’t…….


47) Turtle isn’t DM diving anymore…..for now


48) and finally I met @the_redbird7 uncle @CardsRockIt for the first time. He was a cool dude. We talked stadium expansion suggestions. Everyone is welcome to the get togethers, just watch for one to be announced!


49) Justin looks at the glass half full


50) So do I


51) Cam Polk was dismissed from the team on Sunday for distribution of stuff….we don’t need that kind of person on the team. (full story)


52) Former Louisville Cardinal @GaryBarnidge is a full fledged tv star as he appeared on E! Total Divas live going out on dates with 2 of the WWE Divas…..I’m secretly angry


53) Everyone loves an internet know-it-all, Joe….finish him…….



54) Louisville basketball held an open scrimmage on Sunday. Trezl was Trezl but the good news was the development of Anton Gill and Chinanu Onuaku (Story). I believe Onuaku will be the diamond in the rough.


55) I hope to see you all Sunday at the Red White scrimmage. Tweet at me if you see me!


Go Cards!


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*some info taken from press releases, most from CSZ and my brain

**none taken from other people’s thoughts, NONE



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  1. Not throwing Bobby P. under the bus,but the defense was supposed to be the weak link this season with a first year DC. ijs

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