Report: Chinanu Onuaku Staying at Louisville

Photo: Tim Haag/
Photo: Tim Haag/

One of the roster questions appears to have been answered. According to the Courier-Journal, big man Chinanu Onuaku will return to the University of Louisville. After Rick Pitino’s press conference on Monday to wrap up the season, there was a question as to whether Onuaku would be one of the players that would transfer out of the program.

Soon after the press conference, it was learned that Anton Gill would transfer. The other two question marks appeared to be Onuaku and Shaqquan Aaron. There is still no word on Aaron just yet, but it is good to hear that Onuaku will be back.

The knock on Onuaku has been his effort. So by him returning, this tells me that he is willing to put in the work to be successful here, and that is very good to hear. You can see glimpses of a really good basketball player in there at times, but it just wasn’t consistent. You also saw laziness, whether that was not getting back on defense or not going after an offensive rebound with the effort that someone like Mangok Mathiang gives.

If Onuaku dedicates himself and puts in the work in the offseason to get better, it will be a big boost to a very unknown team for next season. Currently, Louisville will be adding 4 players to the team with its recruiting class. That number could jump up to 6 or even 7, meaning it would look like a completely different team. Anyone who stays and keeps some stability is a good thing, especially if it’s someone with Onuaku’s potential. Now it is up to him to meet that potential.

As a freshman, he averaged 3 points and 4.6 rebounds in 17.8 minutes per game.

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  1. Glad Onuaku is staying, and I really hope Shaqquan Aaron digs in and stays, he could also be a great one if he’s willing to put in the work.

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