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Today I was contacted by Kush Nijhawan, he is a student at Stanford from Louisville KY. He told me he is a huge Louisville Cardinals fan. He also said that he just shot a commercial with our guy and 2013 NCAA Champion Luke Hancock for an app that him and his brother Neil created called Shortnotice. Here is the premise behind the app.


There’s always pockets in the day where we wanna do somethin’ fun, yet we don’t know who’s free. This predicament limits spontaneity. Shortnotice is a platform where you can tell your friends what you feel like doing in real-time. Friends can then “nudge” you if they want to do something with you. You can then start a conversation with the friends that nudged you; to hopefully make that plan happen! Ultimately, our mission is to kindle face-to-face interactions with your friends that otherwise wouldn’t have happened.

This seems like a great new addition to social media so I encourage you all to give it a try. It was also created by a UL fan and as you know I will help promote anyone in CardNation.

Shortnotice has been covered in USA Today. Kush told me earlier “Our message is simple, to encourage people to live each moment of their life to the fullest :). We think our message is also something people will appreciate!”

Shortnotice is available in all app stores.
Here are a few of the FAQ’s I read on their site:
Who sees my posts?Your shortnotice friends are your contacts that have the app downloaded. Your posts are only visible to your shortnotice friends.Why is the puppy your logo?A puppy is a carefree animal. A puppy doesn’t care about how many likes or followers it has, a puppy just wants to play ball! We want to encourage people to live life in the moment, like a puppy!

This sounds awesome, and I want to help out, what can I do?Email us at, and let’s encourage people to live life!

You can learn more about Shortnotice at


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