CBS Sports says Louisville had 2nd best college sports season in 2014-15

Photo: Tim Haag/
Photo: Tim Haag/

According to CBS Sports, the Louisville Cardinals had the second best 2014-15 season in college sports behind only Ohio State. Five sports were rated: football, men’s basketball, women’s basketball, baseball, and a “wild card” sport. According to the article, the wild-card spot went to the most successful among the school’s following spectator sports: softball, men’s lacrosse, men’s ice hockey, men’s soccer, wrestling, volleyball, women’s soccer or women’s gymnastics.

Here is a little more explanation of how this was calculated:

For our formula (which takes into account only schools that field FBS football programs): we weighed football with a triple value, while men’s basketball is worth twice as many points as the other sports that are part of the formula.

OSU received 300 points for winning the football national title (100 points times three). Oregon finished second in the AP Top 25 for football and was awarded 270 points. Football teams that finished with a winning record or went to a bowl game, but didn’t rank in the final AP poll, received 75 points (25 points times three). Teams that were bowl-eligible, but didn’t play in the postseason were awarded 30 points.

For all titles that were settled via a bracket, point totals were based on via how many teams filled out the bracket. Duke’s national title in men’s basketball was worth 200 points. Teams that made the NIT, CBI or CIT were given 20 points (10 points times two).

All champions in the other sports we surveyed received 100 points for a national title.

Here is how the top 5 shook out. For those that are interested, and there is no reason to care about teams this low, but Kentucky came in 27th.

1 Ohio State 300 100 50 0 100 550
2 Louisville 150 146 64 64 64 488
3 UCLA 202.5 128 10 50 90 480.5
4 Oregon 270 100 0 25 73 468
5 Florida State 225 0 73 64 100 462

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