Who Would Coach The Most Perfect College Basketball Team?

Rick Pitino 2

ESPN Staff Writer, Myron Medcalf, released an article where he asked ” what if we had every college player in a gym and could pick whomever we wanted? What players would we select for the 10-man rotation?”

Medcalf gives you his starting five, his bench and his coaching staff. I think you already know who the head coach would be but the assistants make it interesting. Here is the full article…. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/20096844/building-perfect-college-basketball-team-louisville-rick-pitino-kentucky-john-calipari-coaching-staff

“Head coach: Rick Pitino, Louisville Cardinals
Proved by his national title runs at Kentucky (1996) and Louisville (2013), Pitino can manage egos and build a variety of personalities into a motivated and competitive vessel. That’s what this group needs. Plus, you know he’ll lose his mind if these guys fail to defend. You need grit and resilience. That’s what Pitino preaches.”

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  1. Clipari wouldn’t know what to do with anyone that’s not in their ONLY year of college ball.
    Coach Pitino is the best. Period. You can see his mind going ‘a mile a minute’ during an entire game. And, yes, those guys WOULD defend, and there would be ‘paint touches’ galore.

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