David Padgett Working To Right The Ship In Recruiting: Former Commits Still Considering

Despite a future clouded by the possibility of NCAA investigation and the uncertainty of his own job status after the season, David Padgett is trying to salvage UofL Basketball’s recruiting classes for 2018 and beyond. It may be an uphill battle, but there are two highly thought of former commits still interested in the Cards.

The Courier Journal’s Jeff Greer spoke to Padgett about the challenges of recruiting with all the uncertainty. He also spoke with the father of 2018 4 Star G Courtney Ramey, Terrell Ramey, and with 2019 4 Star G David Johnson from Trinity High School here in Louisville.

Padgett told Greer that he realizes it’s a difficult thing to recruit with his interim status. However, he also told Greer, “But nonetheless, we just have to proceed as if that’s going to be us. Obviously, if we are here, that helps. But if we’re not here, I still think it helps the program, because people can get familiar with the program, and if there’s a new coach here next year, they can come in here and at least try to keep that momentum going with program recruits.”

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Terrell Ramey told Greer his son Courtney is still interested in UofL. The elder Ramey explained to Greer that he thinks his son will definitely want a good rapport with a head coach, but that he’s more of a “program recruit”; a recruit who will pick a destination based on the school and its program, not necessarily just the program’s coach.

Terrell Ramey also told Greer that the uncertainty swirling around the program is a “red asterisk” that they unfortunately have to consider. However, Ramey advised Greer his son’s love of and interest in UofL remains strong

“Courtney built a relationship with the coaching staff and the players and has grown to love the community and program,” Terrell Ramey told Greer. “That community is far different than everybody else. Courtney fell in love with that aspect of it. He’s in love with the program. … You don’t lose those types of interests overnight. The program is strong in his mind. Courtney’s a relationship kid. Relationships are very, very strong. And that’s why we’re still considering it very, very heavily.”

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As far as David Johnson, Greer wrote that Acting Assistant Coach RJ Evans has been talking to Johnson recently and that UofL is hoping Johnson is also a “program recruit.” Greer advised Johnson visited UofL last Sunday for the George Mason game and Johnson confirmed to Greer that he still has interest in his hometown school.

While it’s going to be a very rocky road on the recruiting trail for Padgett, recruits like Courtney Ramey and David Johnson provide a small glimmer of hope for the future.

You can read Jeff Greer’s full article below which also includes an update on Ryan McMahon.



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