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On Friday, four-star 2020 QB, Chubba Purdy, committed to Louisville. On Friday, he also agreed to a Q&A with yours truly. I try not to get overly excited until a commit actually shows up on campus and is enrolled in school but these are very different circumstances. The program is in a complete rebuild process after coming off the worst season in recent memory. The new coaching staff has been doing really well but I felt they desperately needed just one big time guy to take this thing to another level. The commitment of Chubba Purdy could be the one that starts an avalanche of 4 stars to commit in the future. If nothing else, it makes other 4 and 5 stars take a look at Louisville to see what the chatter is all about. It’s always good when the top players at least give your school a look. To me, Chubba is not only the key to future recruiting, he is the real deal on the field. The 6-foot-3, 210-pound (His real height and weight per Chubba) quarterback out of Perry High School in Gilbert, Arizona is ranked as the No. 6 dual-threat quarterback in the class by 247Sports. In his junior year, Purdy passed for 3,425 yards and 36 touchdowns. He also rushed for 1,125 yards and 23 touchdowns. Louisville is getting their future QB and a reason to get excited that Louisville football is on the path to a very bright future.

Here is my Q&A with Chubba…


 CSZ – You had over 20 offers including the likes of Arizona St, Kansas St, Purdue, Michigan St, Iowa, UCF, Pitt, Oregon St and Washington St. In your opinion, what separated Louisville from all those other schools and made it the right school for you?

CPLouisville just felt like home. Had an immediate relationship with the staff and coach Ponce. On every other visit, I found myself comparing it to Louisville, so I knew Louisville was the right choice for me.

CSZ –  Did you commit early so the recruiting process wouldn’t be a distraction during your senior season?

CP Yes. Recruiting process was stressful and wanted it over before my senior season. Wanted to just focus on football and enjoying my last year in high school. Also wanted to be committed before the dead season where you have no contact with any coaches. 

CSZ –  How much easier was your recruiting process because of watching your brother go through it? What did you learn from watching his recruitment?

CP Learned a lot from his recruitment. My parents played a huge part in my decision too. My brother taught me that during the recruiting process, patience is the key.

CSZ –  The new Louisville coaching staff is changing the culture of the program. How did the staff make you feel about the future of the program? Did they make you any promises?

CP Staff made me feel at home. I know how they did at App St so I knew where they were trying to take the program. I like their style of offense. It suits my game well. They said I would have a chance to come in and compete in my first year. 

CSZ –  What did you know about Louisville football before you were recruited by them?

CP I knew about Petrino. I knew coach Satterfield was the new coach and that App St wasn’t afraid to play anyone. I like that.

CSZ –  Would you rather throw or run for a touchdown?

CP – Man, thats a tough one. Running a long one in is a really good feeling but so is passing a long one. I guess I’d say they are even.

CSZ –  What does it mean to you to be on the National Quarterback Club watch list for the top high school quarterback in the nation for the 2019 season?

CPIt means a lot but I just gotta keep my head straight and stay focused. Awards will come if it’s God’s will. 

CSZ –  What are your goals for your senior season?

CP To become a great leader. I want to make it to my 3rd straight state championship game and hopefully win it. 

CSZ –  After your senior season, will you take more college visits or are you 100% committed to Louisville and will shut down all recruitment? I mean, if Hawaii offers, I would probably take that visit.

CP – No more visits. I’m 100% committed. No more recruiting, I just want to play football. I’m happy with my decision.

CSZ –  Louisville fans are still getting to know the new staff. What can you tell us about Frank Ponce.

CP – Oh man, he is hilarious. We have a great relationship. We clicked right away. We text or talk daily. I love his offense. 

CSZ –  What are you doing when you are not on the field or not practicing? Any interesting hobbies?

CP – I stopped playing baseball last year to focus on football. That was the first year in my life that I didn’t play. I like to fish and go snowboarding. 

CSZ –  Did you ever have any thoughts of playing college baseball?

CP – When I was younger I thought I would play baseball forever but when I started playing QB, I fell in love with football. I played QB for the first time in 4th grade. I didn’t play QB in 5th grade because I played WR for my brother. Been a QB ever since then. 

CSZ –  Do you have a jersey number that you would want? What significance does that number have?

CP – Yes, I want to wear #12. I’ve always had that number and I love it. I think a running back had it last year at Louisville, but he is gone. I told the coaches I would like #12. No significance, it’s just my number.

CSZ –  If possible, would you be an early-enrollee?

CP – No, I’m going to stay and enjoy my senior year. I just want that experience.

CSZ –  I understand you got the nickname “Chubba” when you were one year old and weighed 38 pounds. Do you want Louisville fans to call you Chubba or should we reveal your birth name for them to call you?

CP – Chubba is my name. Nobody really knows my real name and I don’t like my real name. My dad started calling me Chubba when I was 1. I turn 18 next month and I am thinking about legally changing my name. I still gotta talk to my mom about that because I don’t think she wants me to – but I might do it. 

Louisville fans, I talked to Chubba for a while and I’m happy to report that he seems to be a fine young man with a good head on his shoulders. Very polite and well spoken. I get the feeling that he is very sincere when he tells me he is 100% committed to Louisville. If this is the type of player that coach Satterfield intends on filling his roster with, then the future is very bright. #TrustTheProcess


(From QB Hit

Size: 9.1

Footwork: 9.40

Accuracy: 9.32

Poise: 9.44

Arm Strength: 9.42

Pocket Presence: 9.36

Release: 9.36

Decision Making: 9.34

Throw on Run: 9.38

Touch: 9.32

Score: 93.52


As Always, GO CARDS!






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