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In the Land of the Cardinal, there’s always something happening. In today’s CSZ Weekly Recap, we will get you caught up on all the news and happenings from this week in Cardinal Athletics. Also, there are some cool football features, including this week’s episode of Nunnsense and another detailed football position breakdown from Justin Krueger. Just click below to read all the great stories and news from UofL and CSZ.

Nunnsense: This Is Jawon’s Team:

Nunn is back to knock some sense into you with this week’s episode of Nunnsense. So, Nunn proclaims that this is Jawon Pass’ team. Is it true? Well, Nunn does his best to persuade you. Click here and take a read of it. I think when you’re done, you will agree with Nunn that this is the year of the Puma.

UofL Men’s Basketball Names 2019-2020 Team Captains:

UofL Basketball announced their three team captains for the upcoming season. Who are they? Well, if you don’t know, you’ll have to click here to find out.

Top Ten University Of Louisville Football Games: #10 1991 Fiesta Bowl:

The man they call 55 is hungry, is thirsty for Cardinal football. Therefore, he decided to sate his hunger and thirst by reviewing his Top Ten University of Louisville Football games. Number 10 is an oldie, but goodie. It involves the Pipe himself coaching, a tide that is ebbing, and a bowl that is named after a Ford car (this last part is technically not true). Click here to read all about this blast from the past bowl game and why it makes it into 55’s top ten.

Quick Hit5er5 8-21-19

The man they call 55 is back this week with a new edition of Quick Hit5er5. He updates CSZ readers on how his father Papa 55 is doing. He breaks down all the upcoming content you will find exclusively on CSZ, including the next episode of the grand CSZ-BRL Podcast crossover. Click here to get your fix of Quick Hit5er5.

Scott Satterfield Radio Show Announced:

Every high profile university coach must speak to their fan base during the season. This is the law of the Cardinal. We now know when Scott Satterfield will take to the airwaves and speak to the fan base. Click here for all the details on Scott Satterfield’s weekly in-season radio show.

Video: Welcome To The Ville David Johnson:

Louisville Men’s Basketball has been releasing featurettes introducing the newest members of Team 106 to the fans recently via their Twitter account @LouisvilleMBB. Louisville native and Trinity grad David Johnson is the most recent to be featured. Click here to find out about how David Johnson committed to UofL and how he is dealing with his recent shoulder injury, among other things.

Louisville Football Media Day Interviews 2019:

Want to know what certain UofL Football players think of their new coaches? Want to know their favorite movies and songs? Want to know what their favorite food is? Want to know what their wrestling ring name would be if they were to ever become professional wrestlers? You can actually find all this information out by clicking here and going to the story to view the video where we discover FUTURE wrestling superstars the Big Ticket and Daddy Dez.

We also find out Daddy Dez’s devastating take on the RKO finisher the Triple D: The Daddy Dez Driver. I might have named his finisher for him or maybe he named it. The only way you can find out is by clicking the link and watching the video.

UofL Football Getting Muhammad Ali Inspired Uniforms For 2019 Season:

UofL Football players will be floating like butterflies and stinging like bees as they rumble over a certain opponent in Muhammad Ali inspired uniforms. They look as sweet as the uniforms the men’s and women’s basketball teams wore last season. As many know, Ali had a special bond with UofL Athletics, including having his son play baseball for them. Now, once again, he will be honored by the UofL Athletic Department. Click here to read all the details about the new uniforms and when they will be worn by the team.

2019 Football Preview Part 7: Running Backs:

Justin Krueger aka JK aka The Gridiron Guru aka…I ran out of akas, is back to breakdown the running back position for Scott Satterfield’s UofL Football team. Trust me when I say it is thorough and it is detailed. You will be smarter for having read it. You can tell all your friends about the running back position for UofL and sound like a dang genius all because of JK. Click here to get an education on UofL Football’s running backs.

Two Weeks Until Football Season Is Back:

The glorious Higgy, so named because when he decides to write something it is usually pretty glorious, has decided to grace the CSZ readership with this presence. Bow to the Higgy and read his feature piece on what he looks forward to this coming season for UofL Football. He even gives a bit of a history lesson. Higgy discusses everything from food, to not seeing the smirk of one Bobby Petrino anymore, to tailgating (shoutout to the Collision Course Crew), and much more. Click here to read the glorious one’s story.

UofL Football Lands 2020 GA TE Desmond Daniels:

Head Coach Scott Satterfield is still hot on the recruiting trail for #FlyVille20. The newest commit is 3 Star GA TE Desmond Daniels. Click here to read about the newest football commit and what his film tells us about what he will be able to do at the position he will play for Coach Satterfield.

Softball: Fall 2019 Schedule Has Been Released:

Louisville Softball and Coach Holly Aprile will play a little fall ball and have lined up some interesting opponents to play. Let’s just say the opponents have mascots ranging from a colonel to a knight to a wildcat to, well, a hoosier. Click here to read all about the opponents and when these softball contests will take place.

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