Quick Hitt5r5 (2-25-20)

It has been awhile since I have had time to do one of these. So, I figured that I would vent  about last night and see if you all agree or not. Last night, we got thrashed by FSU. We dominated for exactly 23 minutes. Then the wheels fell off. We led FSU 51-40 with 16 and some change left in the game. Their star player got hurt and they proceeded to go on a 42 to 16 run to end the game. They dominated the last 16 minutes of that game. There were several things that led to this. Lets go over them

  • We simply stopped hitting shots. Cards went 9 minutes without scoring a basket. The drought that we have spoken about on the CSZ Podcast almost every episode. Can’t score, Cant win
  • Terrible officiating. It went both ways, but more so benefiting FSU’s monster run. And they don’t miss as much as we do. Their ability to draw fouls because of defensive mismatches also helped. This loss was not on the refs solely.
  • Malik’s injury did not hurt us early, but it did late. Cards played hard and inspired the first half after Malik went down. At the end, we had no big to handle their strength.
  • Turnovers hurt us. DJ turned it over 6 times and was either nervous or showed that he couldn’t handle their athleticism. I want to believe that he was nervous because of the big run.
  • We had no timeouts with 6 min left in the game. These could have been used to get the guys some rest.
  • The guys looked exhausted at the end of the game. In the end, FSU was just more athletic and better conditioned than we were. They did to us what we did to Syracuse last week. Some games you are just not the better team. In this case it was some halfs.
  • And finally, for mine and Steve’s sanity, please don’t play Kimble and Perry together. As good as Kimble was in the first half, he looked just as lost in the second half. Just dribbling to be dribbling

With all of that being said i still stand by my coach and my team and will support them to the end. Tune in Monday morning for the latest episode of the CSZ podcast! Check out this weeks episode with BSIMM and Daryl Foust while you are at it here!

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