Uniform Report Special Edition: Louisville Unveils Retro Uniforms For Syracuse Game

A couple of days ago, Louisville Football had a cryptic tweet with an vintage Pontiac Firebird pulling up and the date 11-20-20. Louisville fans wondered what this could mean. Tonight, we all got the answer. In a sweet tweet, it was announced that the Cards will unveil new throwback uniforms. And these uniforms go way way back.

These are 50s era unis that the late great Johnny Unitas wore in his time as a Card. A simple white helmet with a single red stripe down the middle and a white face mask, a red jersey with white letters and numbers and a red and white alternating stripe on the sleeves, white pants with a single red stripe running down each leg, and socks with red and white alternating stripes.

As we all know retro is all the rage, and the Cards get a retro look that is simple, sleek, and pays homage to one of the first in a long line of great QBs. The Cards will don these uniforms against Syracuse at 7 pm on, of course, 11-20–20.

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