The Grind: Ft Cardinal Legacy Man Robinson

Heads up Coach Satterfield and Coach Mack! There’s a rising early middle schooler in Louisville that I think we all need to take note of immediately! His name? MAN ROBINSON! He’s probably Louisville’s best kept secret and a “legacy” athlete as his step dad, Danny Mosby, was a standout football player at Louisville Male High School under Bob Redman before he went on to play for Ron Cooper at the University of Louisville. Not only is Man a great THREE SPORT athlete (Football, Basketball, Track) during a time when most feel the pressure to commit to one sport 10-12 months out of the year, but he is proving that it is very possible to play multiple sports, and utilize each sport, to increase skill sets across his other sports interests.

Furthermore and amazingly, Man is also an “A” student at Louisville Collegiate, as well as a young Philanthropist! He has been seen around Louisville consistently the last few years, helping out with former UofL and NFL Star Jamon Brown and his Jamon Brown Foundation. He was with Jamon Brown at a Kickball event this summer, to combat social injustice! Mosby is Jamon Brown’s Executive Director. Man is being taught very well!

That leads me to say, that Man has one of the strongest work ethics, and support networks, ever seen in Louisville. From UofL and NFL great Chris Redman doubling as mentor and Godfather, to Super Bowl 39 MVP Deion Branch (who Man affectionately calls Uncle “D”), to Reggie Bonnafon and even Super Star Jack Harlow, who Man appears with in the above photo, and, of course, Jamon Brown, his support network is full of good and successful people.

The kid is a natural at literally everything he puts his mind to, surrounded by greatness, and more importantly, is using his talents to influence other kids to stay in school, be active, and to set goals and work extremely hard to achieve them. We have taken notice young man, you are an inspiration to many!

We would be very hard pressed to find a young athlete that manages his time, and works as hard as Man. He told us that his motto is #NoDaysOff, as he literally works 6-7 days a week, and sometimes dual sessions. “I’ve been knowing Man and his family for a while now, and you can’t find a more hardworking, and genuinely nice kid anywhere! It’s just not possible,” says Jamon Brown. Super Bowl 39 MVP Deion Branch echoed the sentiment-“Wow, when you talk about Man, he’s the most awesome kid you’ll ever meet! I’m not sure the kid has ever taken a day off, or has ever been caught without a smile on his face. He has, without a doubt, in my opinion, never had a bad day! The fact that his family has molded him into a great student-athlete quietly, is just icing on the cake!”

Well, the cat is out of the bag as they say! Or “Future Cardinal,” is out of the bag-in this instance! I’m not sure how early we can start recruiting this kid, but Coach Satt and Coach Mack, please don’t let this young man get away! He embodies the word student-athlete, while trying to influence others his age in a positive manner. Best of both worlds! You can follow Man’s progress and philanthropy by searching Facebook at Man Robinson. And on Instagram @midrange_man and @lamon_robinson112. You can also follow the Jamon Brown Foundation at @Jbf6868 on Twitter, Jamon Brown Foundation on FB, and JBROWNFOUNDATION.COM, respectively.

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