Quick Hitt5r5: FSU

I’m just so in love with Football season right now. The weather, the fans, the family get togethers. All of it. I got up and washed to share some thoughts and keys to victory and anything else that popped into my head. Let’s get it…

1. FSU’s D-Line is their bright spot. We have to continue to run uptempo. They often struggle with mobile QB’s. So even though the DLine is their strength, mobile QB’s are their kryptonite.

2. QB Ball Security. Both Milton and Travis are unsafe while running with the ball. Gotta knock a few out and make them pay. QB containment will help with this.

3. Wide receiver depth. This Corp was ranked 14 out of 14 in the preseason. While talking to one of my FSU guys, he told me that they did not have a great wide-out. They had a bunch of #3 receivers. For those not familiar, a #3 WR is not any of the starters or their immediate backups. They are the backups backups. They are very susceptible to being taken  advantage of. Got to press them and force mistakes.

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4. Secondary issues. As their D-Line has been the bright spot, the secondary has been the dim spot. They have shown that they are very susceptible to being taken advantage of when attempting bump-and-run or man-to-man coverage. That has been apparent in their games this season, especially with Jax State showing us that time and time again. We need to to get creative and throw deep a few times.

5. Turnover Battle. This is very important in this game more so than many others. FSU typically doesn’t make very many mistakes against us so any that they do need to be cashed in on. For example, the QB carelessness while running the ball and us pressing their wideouts to force another INT. Turnovers have to lead to points because, as 2014 showed, there is no lead to safe with FSU. Conversely, 2016 showed us what could happen if we do cash in on their mistakes. Just saying. Last week also showed how important winning this battle is. Heck, here is the video showing what can happen if we do.

OH NOOOOOOO I will never get tired of that. Lol

6. Intangibles. At the end of the day we are still playing Florida State. We will be playing them down in Tallahassee. They are hungry, haven’t been 0-3 since 1976, and they for sure don’t want to be 0-4. We cannot take them for granted or we will be upset. They may be due for a win.  3:30 is prime time for a college game so they will have plenty of time to prep. Their crowd will be good and pumped even though they may not get 20k in there due to being 0-3.

7. Preparation. We showed how key preparation was last week. We ran uptempo on offense, we ran almost every play to the opposite side of their best player on defense, we opened up the playbook due to running uptempo, and we were flying around on defense and doing everything right. That team last week is the team I thought we would have the whole summer. Great preparation on all sides of the ball: offense, defense, special teams. Bravo. If we come out even 75% as prepared as last week then we should not have an issue beating this FSU team.

Thanks for taking the time out to read this piece and here is to me being wrong and us winning by more than three. To hear more about FSU, please check out GameDay Prep with FSU’s TJ Pittinger. Also check out out podcast wrapping up last weeks win and previewing this weeks match-up vs FSU.

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